Saturday, September 26, 2015

Horse Race

The cavalry boots are a great piece of clothing to craft if you have horses. They boost your running speed to 105% AND make your horses run faster! They also offer good protection and insulation, making them perfect for any weather.

They're super easy to make, made from easily obtainable materials:

 Cavalry boots craft

All you need is two wooden planks and four pieces of leather (acquired from wolves, coyotes, and hyenas).

Here is a picture of the player on a horse wearing cavalry boots: (picture uploaded by Ivan of the SC Wiki)

Survivalcraft 2015-08-22 16-03-36-

I use these whenever I hunt from horseback, and they're great to have when running away from tigers (and other predators) at night!! 

Check out this link to read more about the Cavalry Boots:

Thanks for reading ;)

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Flower Seeds

Chances are, you don't give much thought to flowers. I mean, they're EVERYWHERE in an infinite terrain. But if you're into gardening and would like to carry that over to SC, or do some easy farming in your spare time, this post is for you ;)

Flowers can be planted only on non-tilled soil. For this reason, they are exceptionally easy to grow, and can make your living area very pleasing to look at. So just place them on the grass and watch 'em grow!

Now, how do you get flower seeds?? Just look at the below images:

Purple flower seeds.

Red flower seeds.

White Flower seeds.

The purple flowers yield three seeds, the red four, and the white five. Kaalus was very generous with the flowers. Three and only three seeds are obtained from the more scarce pumpkins!!**

Here are some links if you need more info:

Have a great weekend, everyone ;)

**Here's a thought to boggle your mind: There are infinite flowers in an infinite terrain in SC. There are also infinite pumpkins in an infinite terrain in SC. But there are noticeably more flowers than pumpkins. So although both are infinite, the flowers infinity is bigger than the pumpkins infinity. MIND BLOWN!!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Magical Pumpkins

Hehe. So the pumpkins aren't really magic, as you may already know. That was just to grab your attention ;)

Okay... On to the serious stuff. I found out that the unripe pumpkin is NOT edible! I don't even know why I thought it was... I hope that this will save you all a lot of hassle :P

The pumpkin goes through 6 stages before becoming the all-wonderful edible fruit. The unripe pumpkin is shown below:

 Unripe Pumpkin 2 icon

 Here is another pic (from the wiki) showing the stages:

Survivalcraft 2014-12-20 11-25-02-

Once fully grown, they can be found in patches in forested areas and eaten or crafted into Jack O Lanterns. They can be grown from a seed, but be careful! The water will wash them away (rough time on my farm... accidentally washed away all of my pumpkins...).

It's a good idea to craft some of the pumpkins you don't need into seeds, because each pumpkin yields 3 seeds!! You will be able to grow a lot of pumpkins ;) I've started doing this, and I feel like I'll never starve again! I've got sooooo much food!!

Craft p seeds

Here are some links you can check out for more info!!