Monday, September 22, 2014

Building Contest!!

Attention all Survival Craft fans!! 

On the Survival Craft Wiki, A friend [Plant Champion] and I are hosting a building contest for upcoming holidays. [Link to Contest Page]

Your creations should be theme related, and you can upload your pictures to our Wiki and put them on our page along with some general info. [for example: What type of building is this? etc.].

All of the rules and guide lines are on the page, and the link is above. Winners will be announced on the dates specified on the page, and you DO NOT have to create an account to enter.

Hope to see everyone's creations!!

If you have any questions or help, you can leave me or Plant Champion a message on our message walls.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Rare Animals

There are multiple rare animals in Survival Craft: the White Bull, White Tiger, and Orca. Want to know where to find them?

White Bull:
White Bulls are found in colder areas [grassy, usually away from the icy shore line], usually away from other cattle herds. Because of their albino coloration, they are hard to spot in their environment. When they are killed, they drop 6-8 pieces of raw bacon, unlike brown and black bulls, who only drop 3-4. Unlike brown and black bulls, white bulls do not protect cows. So you don't have to worry about them charging at you for milking or killing cows. They are solitary animals, so you will usually only find 1 at a time.

White Tiger:
White tigers are also found in cold, snowy areas, but unlike the white bulls, they are found in densely forested snowy areas, and even in the icy shorelines. They drop nothing when killed, but are dangerous. Just like orange tigers, they have the ability to jump 2 blocks high.

The orca is the biggest, most dangerous animal in Survival Craft. They are VERY hard to kill, and it should not be attempted. To find them, you must journey far out into the ocean. They are always found at the surface of the water, never deep down. This is because they are mammals, and breath air. They can be lured with meat-raw or cooked-and you can trap them [although you should probably try this in creative or harmless mode...]

Have fun searching for these rare animals. Hope this helped!!

1.26 Update Features [As of Sept. 21]

Besides the new animal discussed earlier, there are many other features in the 1.26 update as of September 21, 2014. [As new features are created, they will be posted later on] 

New Animal Behavior:
There will be a HUGE change in the way animals will behave come the 1.26 update. Kaalus hasn't said exactly what it is going to be, but I have some ideas...

What do you guys think??

New Default Skin:
This skin will be added as the default to make way for a new feature-can you guess what it is?

Clothing is a HUGE feature coming in 1.26! Kaalus stated that: "The basic stuff, like armor (certain types of clothing protecting against hits) and temperature effects on health (wearing thin clothing in the snow) should be included. Suggestions for anything beyond that welcome!"

So, there are a lot of new features to look forward to in 1.26. I can't wait! [If anyone finds out the release date, leave it in the comments. Also, all the pictures came from Kaalus's blog.]

Thanks for reading!! If you have any ideas as to what else may be added in 1.26, just leave it in the comments!

New animal in 1.26 update

Kaalus has announced on his blog [] that there will be a new cetacean [animal of the whale and dolphin family] in the 1.26 update.


He later stated in the comments that this animal is a Beluga Whale! It will also be rare like the orca, meaning it will also have no spawn egg. It will be a carnivore, and spawn naturally far out in the ocean.

I am very excited for the new update! There are going to be so many new features, which will be discussed in later posts. Thanks for reading!!

Survival Craft Wiki

I am also a part of the Survival Craft Wiki community. I am an admin on the Survival Craft Wiki, and it has some great info concerning game play and tips. I will leave a link on the bottom of the page so you can check it out :)

One of my favorite things about the Survival Craft wiki is that there are a lot of different people that edit, so there is always new information and pictures to look at. We currently have almost 400 pages on our Wiki, and we are adding new pages all the time! I do encourage everyone to check it out!

Survival Craft Wiki    [Here is the link!!]

Welcome to Survival Craft by Chartreuse Narwhal!!

Hello! I am Chartreuse Narwhal, and I have been playing Survival Craft for over 2 years. The game was created by Kaalus, and I will include a link to his blog posts as well.

Survival Craft is a very detailed game in which you are marooned on an infinite terrain made of various blocks. It's a very realistic and detailed game, and I have always enjoyed it very much.

I have created this blog to post different tips and tricks to playing Survival Craft, as well as some different information regarding game play. Hope everyone likes it!!

~Chartreuse Narwhal

Kaalus's Blog   [Link to Kaalus's blog]