Saturday, July 25, 2015

Marble: How to Craft

When I first started playing SC, I could not figure out how to make marble!! It's really quite simple, however. Here are the steps to making it;)

  1. Obtain Limestone and Sand blocks
  2. Place both Limestone and Sand blocks in the furnace, as depicted in the picture below
  3. You will yield one marble block for each pair of Limestone and Sand blocks

 Taadaa!!! Marble!!

I sure hope this helped. And you can view more info on the marble block at this link:

Thursday, July 23, 2015


I've reached more than 10,000 views on my blog! So I thank everyone who has followed me, promoted my blog on Google+, and viewed my posts. I appreciate everything!!


I'll post again tomorrow with some useful info, since this really has nothing to do with SC :P

Tomorrow's Post: Marble: How to Craft

Friday, July 17, 2015


In SC, the whistle can be used to summon mountable animals, drive cattle and ostriches, or clear birds out of an area.

There are 6 animals that will run from the whistle sound: bull (all colors), cow (all colors), ostrich, duck*, raven*, and seagull*

*These animals cannot be herded. They simply fly away from the whistle sound.

The horse (all colors), camel, and donkey will come to you after the whistle is blown. They do, however, have to be in a 30 block range. 

Crafting the whistle is simple, and it is easy to use. Below is the crafting recipe. All it takes is three iron ingots, the recipe yields one whistle. We have had many questions about using the whistle on the SC wiki. All  you have to do is select the whistle in the hotbar and tap the screen anywhere.

Craft whistle

If you need more info about the whistle or herding, visit these links:

Saturday, July 11, 2015


There are 5 types of doors in SC: Wooden, Iron, Cell, Wooden Trapdoor, and Cell Trapdoor.

Today I will be providing a brief description and crafting recipes for each.

The Recipaedia description for wooden, iron, and cell doors is: "Doors are used to make entrances to buildings. They can be opened and closed by clicking on them. When connected to a copper wire, doors will open and close on the rising edge of an electrical signal. Iron or cell doors cannot be operated when electrically connected." 

Putting it in different words, the iron and cell door cannot be opened by hand when electrically connected. I clarify this because a friend of mine found the wording confusing, thinking the iron and cell doors simply couldn't be operated at all when electrically connected!! :P

Here are the crafting recipes [each recipe yields one door]:

 Wooden door

Iron Door craft
For Cell door, use same layout, but iron rods instead of ingots

The Recipaedia description for wooden and cell trapdoors is: "Trapdoors are used to make vertical entrances to buildings. They can be opened and closed by clicking on them. When connected to a copper wire, trapdoors will open or close on the rising edge of electric signal. Iron trapdoors cannot be operated manually when electrically connected. They can be placed normally or upside-down, depending whether they are attached to top or bottom side of the block. Upside-down trapdoors will stop falling blocks."

And here are the crafting recipes [each recipe yields two doors]:

Wooden Trap Door craft


Here are some links if you want more info on any of the doors or their crafting elements:

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Fire - good or poor for hunting??

As I was updating the Fire page on the SC Wiki, I got to thinking: is burning animals a beneficial or harmful hunting tactic?? There are pros and cons to both sides.

PROS - Hunting with matches/fire arrows is beneficial
  • If the animal normally drops meat, the meat will already be cooked.
  • No need for damage to your machete. You just need a bow or matches.
  • The animal can be set afire from a safe distance if using fire arrows.
  • Matches are easy to make. Sulfur and Sticks are easy to find/craft.
  • Both fire arrows and matches can be made in the 2x2 crafting table, so you can make them on the go.
CONS - Hunting with matches/fire is harmful
  •  If the animal normally drops feathers, leather, fur, etc. these items are burned up and lost.
  • Must be close range if using matches, and there is a chance they will fail.
  • Fire arrows can be expensive to make - especially when your sulfur stash is running low.
  • If player misses intended target, flammable structures can be set afire and very destructive. 
  • If near a body of water, target can simply extinguish themselves.

Personally, I prefer to hunt with a bow and arrows on horseback. So I don't set a lot of animals on fire ;) But if you don't need the feathers, fur, etc. that the animals normally drop, it can be beneficial to go ahead and kill meat animal with fire to obtain cooked meat. But I like to get all of the items an animal drops. Having a little extra fur/leather (which is vital for clothing) can save your life!

What do you all think?? Fire: good or poor hunting choice??