Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Fire - good or poor for hunting??

As I was updating the Fire page on the SC Wiki, I got to thinking: is burning animals a beneficial or harmful hunting tactic?? There are pros and cons to both sides.

PROS - Hunting with matches/fire arrows is beneficial
  • If the animal normally drops meat, the meat will already be cooked.
  • No need for damage to your machete. You just need a bow or matches.
  • The animal can be set afire from a safe distance if using fire arrows.
  • Matches are easy to make. Sulfur and Sticks are easy to find/craft.
  • Both fire arrows and matches can be made in the 2x2 crafting table, so you can make them on the go.
CONS - Hunting with matches/fire is harmful
  •  If the animal normally drops feathers, leather, fur, etc. these items are burned up and lost.
  • Must be close range if using matches, and there is a chance they will fail.
  • Fire arrows can be expensive to make - especially when your sulfur stash is running low.
  • If player misses intended target, flammable structures can be set afire and very destructive. 
  • If near a body of water, target can simply extinguish themselves.

Personally, I prefer to hunt with a bow and arrows on horseback. So I don't set a lot of animals on fire ;) But if you don't need the feathers, fur, etc. that the animals normally drop, it can be beneficial to go ahead and kill meat animal with fire to obtain cooked meat. But I like to get all of the items an animal drops. Having a little extra fur/leather (which is vital for clothing) can save your life!

What do you all think?? Fire: good or poor hunting choice??

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  1. Good, if you're careful and/or accurate. As for burning leather, feathers, etc, just don't use fire on animals that drop those if you want those items.