Friday, July 17, 2015


In SC, the whistle can be used to summon mountable animals, drive cattle and ostriches, or clear birds out of an area.

There are 6 animals that will run from the whistle sound: bull (all colors), cow (all colors), ostrich, duck*, raven*, and seagull*

*These animals cannot be herded. They simply fly away from the whistle sound.

The horse (all colors), camel, and donkey will come to you after the whistle is blown. They do, however, have to be in a 30 block range. 

Crafting the whistle is simple, and it is easy to use. Below is the crafting recipe. All it takes is three iron ingots, the recipe yields one whistle. We have had many questions about using the whistle on the SC wiki. All  you have to do is select the whistle in the hotbar and tap the screen anywhere.

Craft whistle

If you need more info about the whistle or herding, visit these links:

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