Wednesday, January 20, 2016

SC 1.29 Update

Kaalus has provided us with the complete change list for 1.29 on his blog (link is on right of your screen under "links").

Here are the changes:

  • Dispenser not editable in Adventure
  • Projectiles damage does not bypass armor
  • Spawner eggs spawn 100% of the time in Adventure/Challenging, laid eggs only 20%
  • Conversion to 32bit blocks (more data per block)
  • Zip file decompression bug fixed
  • All stairs corners supported
  • Fixed stairs texture mapping to match other blocks irrespective of rotation
  • Projectile damage by large blocks reduced
  • Most electric devices can be mounted on the floor/ceiling (all gates, delay, SR Latch, Memory Bank, Truth Table, RT clock, Random Generator, DAC, ADC, Sound generator, Counter)
  • 8 colors of LEDs
  • 8 colors of 4-LEDs
  • 8 colors of 7-segment displays
  • Lightbulb has variable intensity depending on voltage (0.8-1.5V)
  • Added adjustable delay gate with user-configurable delay of 0.00 to 2.55 seconds
  • All stairs can be painted
  • All slabs can be painted
  • Separate categories for painted and dyed blocks to reduce clutter
  • Added stone stairs
  • Added stone slab
  • Made most solid construction blocks paintable (bricks, granite, cobblestone, planks, marble, stone bricks, sandstone, basalt)
  • Made all fences paintable
  • Made all fence gates paintable
  • Fixed texture orientation on all cube blocks to be consistent
  • Made all signs paintable
  • Added tall spruces
  • Made forests 20% denser
  • Added horizontal wood logs
  • Fallen wood logs generate deep forests
  • Added paint stripper bucket to remove paint from painted blocks
  • Placing slab on top of another creates full block
  • Stone fence model updated to look better
  • Added brick fence
  • Added basalt fence
  • Added copper armor (boots, leggings, chest plate, helmet)
  • Added copper tool (axe, pickaxe, shovel, rake)
  • Added copper weapons (machete, spear, arrows)
  • Displaying number of worlds on singleplayer screen
  • Added wire through bricks block
  • Switched copper/iron availability – copper appears in granite (shallow), iron in basalt (deep)
  • Optimized fluid geometry generation
  • Added large magma pools underground
  • Added water pools underground
  • Playing sizzle sounds near magma
  • Fire sound intensity depends on number of fires
  • Bigger, longer, more branching caves
  • Digging cracks visible underwater
  • Digging particles
  • Painting particles
  • Improved cobblestone, marble, sand, sandstone textures
  • Added copper arrows
  • Added more grave treasures
  • Creatures on fire now extinguish themselves after a short time
  • Fixed fish attacking the rider of the boat instead of the boat
  • Made animals attack anything the player is standing on if they can’t reach
  • Added ability to disable survival mechanics in Adventure
  • Added sound generator particles (notes)
  • Improved piano sound (instrument 7)
  • Added long piano sounds (instrument 8)
  • Added drum sounds (instrument 9)
  • Added single buckshot ball recipe – but shooting single buckshot balls is weak and inaccurate
  • Added new iron ladder sounds
  • Disabled ladder climbing when flying
  • Fixed multiple instances of edit dialog when G is pressed many times on Windows 8.1/10
  • Fixed AI for running away to disregard dead attackers
  • Made boat stronger
  • Made glowpoints (eyes, leds, 7-segment displays etc.) look better
  • Added more treasure types to graves
  • Bigger pumpkin destruction particle system
  • Added screenshot size setting and fixed potential screenshot corruption on Windows Store


It's nice to appreciate the little things in SC. Sure we all love the new items that come with every release and such, but does anyone ever pay much mind to the trees?? Kaalus has put the trees in the spotlight in 1.29.

Take a look at this pic he posted of all the tree types:


As you can see, there are various shapes, heights, and even a new addition: the tall spruce! I can't wait to see the tall spruces. I like the way the branches look ;)

Here's a close up of the tall spruces:


They look great! I'm also glad there are new shapes to the tree foliage. I think that the new "individuality" of the trees will make learning your nearby terrain a bit easier and more interesting ;)

The real challenge will be getting all of the wooden blocks from these giants!

Kaalus also says that fallen logs will generate in forests. 

That's all for this post. I'll have another laying out the entire 1.29 update.

Stairs in 1.29

Hello again! With the 1.29 release, there are lots of new features concerning stairs, so I wanted to dedicate a post to them.

Take a look at this picture kaalus posted:

Stairs corner.jpg

Notice anything?? Kaalus has added stair corners! This will be especially handy when using stairs for decor purposes.

I've longed for paintable stairs, and in 1.29, they are a possibility!

 Paintable stairs.jpg

Now the stairs will match the color of my storage house, lol :P I've got it painted black.

So many new builds are possible with these new stair features. I hope you all look forward to 1.29 and find this post helpful ;)

New Items for 1.29!!!

Hello all! So sorry to have been away for so long. We've gotten some snow, and the library has been closed.

I'm excited for the 1.29 update, and I'm here to share some of the new items with you!

First off, we've got copper tools and armor! Here's the pic kaalus posted to his blog:


This is a big step forward. Personally, I've been awaiting copper tools for a while :P Copper tools aren't as strong as iron, but they do have a nice color, wouldn't you agree?? He also says that copper is easy to find in 1.29, and iron is deeper and more difficult to find. I'm up for the challenge!!

One of my favorite new items for 1.29 is logs. Take a look:


We are now able to build realistic-looking cabin-type houses. I think that will come in handy, especially for those who reside in or near forests. It's a nice look ;)

And lastly, the brick fence:

Brick Fence.png

I'm pretty excited about this. It will definitely make my donkey fence look a little more classy ;) Basalt fence will also be added.

Much more to come! Hope you like these updates. And remember, the link to kaalus's blog is on the right of your screen under "Links"

Happy surviving ;)