Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Here we go! My favorite addition to SC 1.28 - the musket. I've got some general info and crafting recipes today ;)

The Recipaedia description for the musket is "A musket can be used to fire musket balls or buckshot". Musket balls are for hunting large animals, and buckshot is for birds. But keep in mind that the musket balls can't bring down large animals with one shot every time.

To load the musket, open the edit screen using the paper icon on the right of your screen. Then, in the following sequence, drag gunpowder*, a cotton wad, and a musket ball or buckshot into the musket. Firing is nearly the same as a crossbow or bow. Tap and hold the screen until you see the crosshairs, wait for the click-sound, and then aim and release your finger to fire.

*Crafting recipe for gunpowder can be found on SC wiki, link at bottom of page.

Crafting is quite expensive. You will need: 2 planks, 2 iron blocks, and 1 iron rod. Place them into the crafting table as shown:

Screenshot 2015-12-14-22-29-21(1)

Recipe yields 1 musket.

As for the musket ball, they are fairly easy to craft. One iron rod yields 4 musket balls:

Screenshot 2015-12-14-22-29-33(1)

Buckshot is a bit more expensive, needing 4 musket balls to produce 4 buckshots. It is a spread shot, made up of 8 smaller pieces:

Screenshot 2015-12-14-22-29-36(1)

The musket does seem to be a sufficient investment. Looks like I'm gonna hafta go mining for some more iron, and possibly expand my cotton farm!!

Hope you all enjoyed this post, it's the last one for 2015!! Can't wait to see what 2016 brings for SC. There are some helpful links below ;)


Monday, December 21, 2015

Survivalcraft 1.28 - Part 3

This is the moment the previous posts have been leading up to!! Fireworks!! :D

I'm super excited about this. I'm sure everyone will be having fun with these ;) I don't have a crafting recipe yet, but again, I'll provide a post on that soon ;)

But here is the pic Kaalus provided us:

I think it looks great!! :D I'm super excited to use it. Kaalus also provided a video to show the fireworks in action, so check out his blog to see that.

There are 8 shapes and 8 colors of firework for a total of 256 different variants. There are also 2 altitudes: low and high. Lets all give a round of applause to Kaalus for that!! I'm truly amazed.

Anyway... the 8 shapes:
  1. Small burst
  2. Large burst
  3. Circle
  4. Disc
  5. Ball
  6. Short trails
  7. Long trails
  8. Flat trails
And 8 colors:
  1. Small burst
  2. Large burst
  3. Circle
  4. Disc
  5. Ball
  6. Short trails
  7. Long trails
  8. Flat trails
I think this is the most progressive update yet!! We now have a firearm and some entertainment ;) I never would have thought we would be getting fireworks in SC!! Another surprise from Kaalus ;)

I'll be back soon (hopefully Wednesday) to provide more info and things. But for now, happy surviving and Merry (early) Christmas ;)

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Survivalcraft 1.28 - Part 2

Part 2 is here!

Kaalus has provided something I haven't thought much of: iron ladders and signs. I had thought an iron ladder would be nice, but the signs completely took me by surprise!! The iron ladders are slimmer than the wooden ones, so that's always nice. I wonder what kind of sound effect will come along - if any - with it?? I do kinda like the creaky sound the wooden ones make :P


The iron signs can be hung upside down!! And another new item comes with these: the dispenser. Kaalus has provided a video showing how is works on his blog, so I encourage you to check that out. (The link to his blog is provided in the right margin of your screen.) Here's the picture he provided:


I tried to crop the picture, but this computer is acting up :/ So not only do you get to see the new item, but the beautiful desert-ish scenery :)

Awesome. Just found a good pic on the Spanish SC  Wiki. (Link on right margin of screen - I encourage you to visit if you speak Spanish!!)


The crafting recipe requires 7 planks, 1 bow, and 1 germanium crystal. I don't have a picture available yet, but I'll provide it in the near future.

That's all here. Survivalcraft 1.28 - Part 3 will provide the rest.

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Survivalcraft 1.28 - Part 1

Hello all! So sorry to have been away for so long again! There hadn't been much activity from Kaalus, and I'm still having issues with my internet connection. But since 1.28 has sooooo much, I'm gonna do this in a few parts. So stand by, and enjoy!!

1st off, we now have cracks instead of progress circles. I kinda liked the progress circle, but we'll see how this goes ;) Here's the picture Kaalus provided:


It looks pretty realistic, which I'm happy about. But what I'm most excited for is the new firearm: the musket!! It looks more like a rifle, but I like the look.


I'm just glad it will be easier to hunt on horseback now!! I have always liked to hunt on horseback, but it is a pain to retrieve arrows from all directions!! Anyway... I'll have a post next week providing the crafting recipe and some additional info. on our new addition :)

The only thing I'm worried about is scaring my animals... I'm assuming it won't scare the steed I'm riding while firing, but I certainly don't wanna scare my cows, ostriches, or other steeds!! I guess this will be for hunting farther off ;)

Kaalus provided us a great picture of the musket and player on horseback:


I'm super excited! I have been waiting for a firearm!!

That's all for this post. Survivalcraft 1.28 - Part 2 is up next

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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Sharp Dressed Man

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

I had a great surplus of leather (and I've been doing quite well with my cotton field!) in SC, so today, I'm gonna share the crafting recipes for my favorite articles of clothing so you can dress sharp in SC too :P

Leather pants are pretty great looking on our SC character, and offer protection too! To craft, you need 4 pieces of leather and 2 strings:

Leather pants

How about a nice shirt to go with those pants. Craft a shirt to keep you warm with 6 pieces of canvas:
(shirt can also be dyed!! See link to previous post:


Where would we be without our leather jerkin too?? It's super easy to craft - all you need is 3 pieces of leather - and can fit over top of other articles of clothing.

Leather jerkin

Cowboy hat will offer some protection and match your pants :P

Screenshot 2015-07-02-23-27-37

Socks are fun, warm, and easy to craft:

Socks craft

Wear some cavalry boots over your socks for even more protection. They also make your horses run faster!!

Cavalry boots craft

You're all set!! You will be fairly warm, protected, and ready for whatever happens ;)

Hope Kaalus will post soon! I'm anxious to see what is coming up ;)

As always, happy crafting!!

Links - Check these out for more info.:

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween!!

Hello all and Happy Halloween!!

Still nothing from Kaalus. Wonder if there will be a big SC update soon??

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Wooden Armor - A Good Investment??

The wooden chest plate is one of the many armor-related items you can craft in SC. It is pretty cheap to make, but is it worth it??

Here is the crafting recipe:


 Only takes 4 sticks and 4 pieces of string. Not bad. The sticks are obviously easy to make, they can be made in your 2x2 crafting table. The string only takes 3 pieces of ivy each, which is abundant in jungles.

It is VERY weak. One hit from a rhino, and it's done. This is the major con. It can, however, help keep you afloat without having to constantly swim. For that reason, I'd say it's worth it if you don't have a lot of resources to craft better armor with.

Here is how it looks on the player. It can go on top of other clothing:

 Stick Armour

You can read more here:

Monday, October 5, 2015

Cowboy Hat

Hello all! Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Today, I'd like to provide the crafting recipe for the cowboy hat, cause I know everyone needs one :P I wear one in SC, and it looks great!

The cowboy hat is fairly simple to craft - just 4 pieces of leather, which can be obtained from a wolf, coyote, or hyena. Arrange the leather in the crafting table as shown below:

Screenshot 2015-07-02-23-27-37

Recipe yields one hat. It provides protection and insulation without weighing you down. Not enough insulation for super cold biomes though. Learned that the hard way...

So go on, make a cowboy hat ;)

For more info:

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Horse Race

The cavalry boots are a great piece of clothing to craft if you have horses. They boost your running speed to 105% AND make your horses run faster! They also offer good protection and insulation, making them perfect for any weather.

They're super easy to make, made from easily obtainable materials:

 Cavalry boots craft

All you need is two wooden planks and four pieces of leather (acquired from wolves, coyotes, and hyenas).

Here is a picture of the player on a horse wearing cavalry boots: (picture uploaded by Ivan of the SC Wiki)

Survivalcraft 2015-08-22 16-03-36-

I use these whenever I hunt from horseback, and they're great to have when running away from tigers (and other predators) at night!! 

Check out this link to read more about the Cavalry Boots:

Thanks for reading ;)

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Flower Seeds

Chances are, you don't give much thought to flowers. I mean, they're EVERYWHERE in an infinite terrain. But if you're into gardening and would like to carry that over to SC, or do some easy farming in your spare time, this post is for you ;)

Flowers can be planted only on non-tilled soil. For this reason, they are exceptionally easy to grow, and can make your living area very pleasing to look at. So just place them on the grass and watch 'em grow!

Now, how do you get flower seeds?? Just look at the below images:

Purple flower seeds.

Red flower seeds.

White Flower seeds.

The purple flowers yield three seeds, the red four, and the white five. Kaalus was very generous with the flowers. Three and only three seeds are obtained from the more scarce pumpkins!!**

Here are some links if you need more info:

Have a great weekend, everyone ;)

**Here's a thought to boggle your mind: There are infinite flowers in an infinite terrain in SC. There are also infinite pumpkins in an infinite terrain in SC. But there are noticeably more flowers than pumpkins. So although both are infinite, the flowers infinity is bigger than the pumpkins infinity. MIND BLOWN!!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Magical Pumpkins

Hehe. So the pumpkins aren't really magic, as you may already know. That was just to grab your attention ;)

Okay... On to the serious stuff. I found out that the unripe pumpkin is NOT edible! I don't even know why I thought it was... I hope that this will save you all a lot of hassle :P

The pumpkin goes through 6 stages before becoming the all-wonderful edible fruit. The unripe pumpkin is shown below:

 Unripe Pumpkin 2 icon

 Here is another pic (from the wiki) showing the stages:

Survivalcraft 2014-12-20 11-25-02-

Once fully grown, they can be found in patches in forested areas and eaten or crafted into Jack O Lanterns. They can be grown from a seed, but be careful! The water will wash them away (rough time on my farm... accidentally washed away all of my pumpkins...).

It's a good idea to craft some of the pumpkins you don't need into seeds, because each pumpkin yields 3 seeds!! You will be able to grow a lot of pumpkins ;) I've started doing this, and I feel like I'll never starve again! I've got sooooo much food!!

Craft p seeds

Here are some links you can check out for more info!!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Dying Clothes

Today I'd like to offer some directions on dying your clothing! Here are the step-by-step directions:

  1. Get a paint bucket (any color you choose) and the article of clothing you would like to dye. (Please note, not all clothing articles can be dyed. But you can get that info. from each individual page on the SC Wiki)
  2. Place fuel in the furnace, and put both the paint bucket and desired piece of clothing in the top of the furnace, as shown below: (picture by Ivan from SC Wiki)
 Screenshot 2014-12-15-01-32-33

And there you have it! Dyed clothing ;)

Here are some links to help you with the process:
Happy Crafting!! ;) 

Saturday, August 15, 2015

SC Wiki Update

I'm very pleased to say that the Contributor of the Week page on the SC Wiki is back!! It wasn't updated for some time, but it was suggested to me that I update again. I think it was a wonderful idea, and I'd love for some new users to help out! So if you're interested, a link will be provided below with instructions on how to join ;)

And congrats to Aylinerik for winning this week! You can congratulate her here:

Want to join? Visit these links ;) - SC Wiki Homepage - Contains directions if you would like to join - Be sure to visit the Contributor of the Week page!! Will be updated every Saturday morning.

Up next time: Some clothing info.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015


I haven't really tried out the carpet in SC yet, but I plan to shortly.

Today I'd like to offer the crafting recipe for carpet, along with some other notes ;)

Crafting takes 9 pieces of canvas, which are crafted from 9 cotton wads (yields 3 canvas). The recipe yields 6 pieces of carpet:

Craft canvas

Carpet craft

For just 6 pieces of carpet, you will need a total of 18 cotton wads. Looks like this is gonna be a long term project for me ;) I don't grow much cotton...

The nice thing is you can dye the carpet all 16 available colors, and it makes your interior "cozy". I love me a cozy room ;) They will not allow heat to flow in or out of your home. But be careful, as rainfall or snowfall will destroy your carpet. Not for outdoor use!!

Here are the color possibilities (pic provided by Gvbacci on SC wiki):


You can visit the carpet page on the SC wiki at this link:

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Crafting Spears

Hello all, and welcome ;)

Today I'd like to provide crafting recipes for each spear. You can also go to the links provided at the bottom of the page to view more info on spears.

The wooden spear is very easy to make, as you only need three planks and two sticks to craft! These are cheap and easy materials to obtain. And once thrown, you can retrieve it. But be careful! They can stick into soft blocks or bounce off of your target and hurt you.

Craft a wooden spear

The stone spear is fairly easy to make, as you only need three cobblestone blocks and two sticks to craft! These are cheap and fairly easy materials to obtain.

 Craft a stone spear

The iron spear can be difficult to make, as you need three iron ingots and two sticks to craft. That means mining is necessary before upgrading to this spear.

Craft an iron spear

Diamond Tip:
The diamond tip spear is difficult to make, as you need three diamonds and iron spears (one per three diamonds) to craft. That means extensive mining is necessary before upgrading to this spear. This spear is very durable, but quite expensive to craft. It takes three diamonds per spear!!

Craft a diamond spear


Saturday, July 25, 2015

Marble: How to Craft

When I first started playing SC, I could not figure out how to make marble!! It's really quite simple, however. Here are the steps to making it;)

  1. Obtain Limestone and Sand blocks
  2. Place both Limestone and Sand blocks in the furnace, as depicted in the picture below
  3. You will yield one marble block for each pair of Limestone and Sand blocks

 Taadaa!!! Marble!!

I sure hope this helped. And you can view more info on the marble block at this link:

Thursday, July 23, 2015


I've reached more than 10,000 views on my blog! So I thank everyone who has followed me, promoted my blog on Google+, and viewed my posts. I appreciate everything!!


I'll post again tomorrow with some useful info, since this really has nothing to do with SC :P

Tomorrow's Post: Marble: How to Craft

Friday, July 17, 2015


In SC, the whistle can be used to summon mountable animals, drive cattle and ostriches, or clear birds out of an area.

There are 6 animals that will run from the whistle sound: bull (all colors), cow (all colors), ostrich, duck*, raven*, and seagull*

*These animals cannot be herded. They simply fly away from the whistle sound.

The horse (all colors), camel, and donkey will come to you after the whistle is blown. They do, however, have to be in a 30 block range. 

Crafting the whistle is simple, and it is easy to use. Below is the crafting recipe. All it takes is three iron ingots, the recipe yields one whistle. We have had many questions about using the whistle on the SC wiki. All  you have to do is select the whistle in the hotbar and tap the screen anywhere.

Craft whistle

If you need more info about the whistle or herding, visit these links:

Saturday, July 11, 2015


There are 5 types of doors in SC: Wooden, Iron, Cell, Wooden Trapdoor, and Cell Trapdoor.

Today I will be providing a brief description and crafting recipes for each.

The Recipaedia description for wooden, iron, and cell doors is: "Doors are used to make entrances to buildings. They can be opened and closed by clicking on them. When connected to a copper wire, doors will open and close on the rising edge of an electrical signal. Iron or cell doors cannot be operated when electrically connected." 

Putting it in different words, the iron and cell door cannot be opened by hand when electrically connected. I clarify this because a friend of mine found the wording confusing, thinking the iron and cell doors simply couldn't be operated at all when electrically connected!! :P

Here are the crafting recipes [each recipe yields one door]:

 Wooden door

Iron Door craft
For Cell door, use same layout, but iron rods instead of ingots

The Recipaedia description for wooden and cell trapdoors is: "Trapdoors are used to make vertical entrances to buildings. They can be opened and closed by clicking on them. When connected to a copper wire, trapdoors will open or close on the rising edge of electric signal. Iron trapdoors cannot be operated manually when electrically connected. They can be placed normally or upside-down, depending whether they are attached to top or bottom side of the block. Upside-down trapdoors will stop falling blocks."

And here are the crafting recipes [each recipe yields two doors]:

Wooden Trap Door craft


Here are some links if you want more info on any of the doors or their crafting elements:

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Fire - good or poor for hunting??

As I was updating the Fire page on the SC Wiki, I got to thinking: is burning animals a beneficial or harmful hunting tactic?? There are pros and cons to both sides.

PROS - Hunting with matches/fire arrows is beneficial
  • If the animal normally drops meat, the meat will already be cooked.
  • No need for damage to your machete. You just need a bow or matches.
  • The animal can be set afire from a safe distance if using fire arrows.
  • Matches are easy to make. Sulfur and Sticks are easy to find/craft.
  • Both fire arrows and matches can be made in the 2x2 crafting table, so you can make them on the go.
CONS - Hunting with matches/fire is harmful
  •  If the animal normally drops feathers, leather, fur, etc. these items are burned up and lost.
  • Must be close range if using matches, and there is a chance they will fail.
  • Fire arrows can be expensive to make - especially when your sulfur stash is running low.
  • If player misses intended target, flammable structures can be set afire and very destructive. 
  • If near a body of water, target can simply extinguish themselves.

Personally, I prefer to hunt with a bow and arrows on horseback. So I don't set a lot of animals on fire ;) But if you don't need the feathers, fur, etc. that the animals normally drop, it can be beneficial to go ahead and kill meat animal with fire to obtain cooked meat. But I like to get all of the items an animal drops. Having a little extra fur/leather (which is vital for clothing) can save your life!

What do you all think?? Fire: good or poor hunting choice??

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Growing Cotton

It is extremely important to keep warm. If you live in a mild climate, cotton clothing should do it!


  1. To grow cotton, find a humid area. This is where it will grow best :) 
  2. Determine how large the area needs to be. For cotton, it should be large.
  3. Next, till the area with a rake to yield soil. The best way to do this is to have a row of water between two rows of soil. This will keep your soil damp.
  4. Fertilize the soil with saltpeter*. It can be obtained from sandy areas.
  5. Lay down your cotton seeds, one on each block. 
  6. Build a fence around your cotton. The fence should be 2+ blocks in height to keep unwanted visitors out.
  7. Watch your cotton grow :) Once it is finished, it will look like the below picture, and from it, you will obtain both cotton wads and more cotton seeds.
*I have found that you do not have to fertilize, but it is advised. Fertilize unless you absolutely NEED the cotton. There is only a small chance to obtain cotton if you do not. Otherwise, more wild cotton will grow. 


Hope this helped ;)

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

When the Gnu Attacks

We have had and ongoing argument on the SC wiki. Some say the Gnu has a 100% chance to retaliate when injured by the player, but some disagreed. Stanimus suggested that someone hit the gnu 1000 times and record the data to draw an approximate conclusion. I volunteered, and here are the results:

I have found that there is approximately a 92.8% chance for the gnu to retaliate when attacked. Here is how I drew this conclusion:
1. Spawn 1 gnu at a time and hit it once with the players bare hand.
2. Leave site and go to another spot (with no existing gnus) and repeat.
3. Keep careful record of the gnu's behavior. Did they attack or run?
4. Calculate chance to retaliate with this formula: # of time gnu attacked / 1000 total


  • 928 Gnus attacked
  • 71 Gnus ran
  • 1 Gnu didn't respond in any way
928 attacking gnus / 1000 total gnus = 92.8% chance to attack when provoked
71 running gnus / 1000 total gnus = 7.1% chance to run when provoked
1 unresponsive gnu / 1000 total gnus = .1% chance not to respond 

There is quite a high chance for the gnu to retaliate, but they do not all of the time. Personally, I was quite surprised to find that there was a chance (a small one) that the gnu would remain unresponsive!!

I'm glad to have cleared up the argument on the SC Wiki, and I hope this helped anyone else caught up in an argument as well!! 

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Moose - Possibly my Favorite SC Animal

The moose is the newest member of the SC animal family, and quite possibly my favorite :)

They live in cold biomes, which can be an inconvenience if you do not have proper clothing, but it can be well worth the trip. Moose drop both bacon and fur, making it useful for both nutritional and clothing needs.

Moose are, of course, herbivores. You can feed them any vegetation by trowing it on the ground. This is a great way to lure them in close to hunt them. You don't want to spend too much time in a cold biome without proper clothing, so you need to get it done quickly. I have found that, when you come across a large herd (4-8), throwing 6-8 pieces of grass (or vegetation of your choice) on the ground and picking them off with arrows from a tree top is very effective. You will be able to hunt them for a long range, but they will not be able to reach you! Try it out ;)

Be careful when hunting them head on. They are passive - until provoked. Kaalus said "Normally slow and docile, but is powerful and can turn nasty if annoyed." ~Kaalus (March 17)

This is why I choose to attack from a distance.


(Picture above from Kaalus's blog)

Hope some of this info is helpful :) You can find more info on Moose at this link:

Happy Surviving :)

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Just and Update

School is finally out here and I should have much more free time to come down to the library and post SC info. So glad to have time off from school!! :D

The SC Wiki is growing more and more all of the time. Recently, Stanimus added a page that will prove useful to many players: Uploading and Downloading. Just as the name suggests, the page provides info about "uploading, downloading and saving your world file, skins, or texture pack." If you are having issues with any of these concepts or have a question on the subject, I highly recommend the page. Stanimus, as always, has done a wonderful job with this help topic.

I'll post again in the next few days :)  Hopefully Kaalus will post again soon!!

Everyone having a good summer??

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Stone Fence Gate in the Future??

Kaalus hasn't posted in a while! I'm very curious about what the next update will bring.

Maybe a Stone Fence Gate?? There was no gate when it was released, but you can use an iron (or wooden) fence gate and it looks great. But I'm thinking that there will eventually be a gate to match.

The Stone Fence seemed to be more decorative than anything. Below is a picture added by Stanimus on the wiki depicting the fence being used as decorative columns. I've seen others do the same.

Stone Fence use

Personally, I use the stone fence to enclose my rye field. I like the way the iron fence gate looks with it.

What do you all use the fence for? Do you think there will be a matching gate soon??

To see the Wiki page for Stone Fence, go to this link:

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Hunting Birds

Hunting Birds (Flying)

When hunting birds, it is best to hunt them from afar, as they will fly away if you get too close. I use a bow and arrows, the arrows will kill the birds in 1 shot.

You  can try and approach them with a machete if you would like. I just like to hunt from afar because it seems to work better.

Hunting Birds (Non-Flying)

When hunting birds that do not fly, Ostriches and Cassowaries, I like to attack them head on with a diamond edge machete. This way, I can continue to hit them as I walk backwards, and then chase them when they run away.

It works really well for me, but you can also hunt them from afar with arrows like a flying bird. The only problem with that is that they can run away faster than you may be able to load arrows.

These tips + more here:

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Animal Tips

Leaving Your Animals

A common mistake players tend to make is to leave their captive animals (such as horses, cows, etc.) alone for a long time. When going on a long journey, you may not think about how your animals may be doing back at home. You need to visit your animals weekly, as they will die without your acknowledgement of their existence. As long as you visit them, they will not die because of neglect. If you have a cow use a whistle to guide it. If you have a horse ride it. You can also choose to feed them grass, rye etc. removed from the ground and thrown to them.

Jumping Fences

When you acquire a donkey, horse, or camel, a tip to keep them enclosed in their fence is to put a double fence up for them to stay in. Donkeys, horses and camels can jump single fences, and because of their walk around behavior, they will wander off, jumping the fence if necessary. So you may go to bed with your animals in a fence, but when you wake up, they may be wandering around! Double fences can eliminate this trouble for good. Note that if you have a tiger they can jump double fences. So for a tiger you will want to put triple fences.

(Picture added by Stanimus on SC Wiki)

Donkey can jump single fences














Using Your Whistle

Although the whistle is a helpful tool in Survivalcraft, you need to remember that your horses, donkeys, and camels will only come to you if you are within a 30 block range. So it is not a good idea to allow your saddled animals to wander about, thinking you can summon them with a whistle. It is a good idea to keep your animals in a double fence, and keep the whistle just for emergencies, etc. if you fall off of your horse, and it continues to run, you can summon it again. Using the whistle will also make cows and bulls run away.

More animal tips on SC Wiki Tips page:

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Oh, the Giraffe

Today I'd like to put the spotlight on SC's tallest - the Giraffe.

In appearance, they are light tan with sepia spots. As you walk through the forest, you can't miss them! They're super tall (Bodybox size of 1.2 x 3.3 x 1.2) and the tallest animal in the game thus far. They're herbivores, so they will eat tall grass, flowers, and ivy when dropped.

Giraffes are one of the animals in SC that have no impact on your survival whatsoever. They don't drop anything when killed, so killing them is useless. Since the 1.27 update, normally passive animals retaliate when injured. I have tried and tried to provoke the giraffe, but have yet to acquire a response. Has anyone out there been attacked by the Giraffe? If so, comment below! I'd love to hear your exciting near death experience with Giraffes :P

Giraffes are found in forests and although useless (right now), one of SC's most beautiful animals.


Saturday, May 2, 2015

Challenging Gamemode: Some Tips to get You Started (Part 3)

 ...Continued from Part 2


As you farm your cotton, make canvas from the cotton wads and put them aside in a chest for later. You also need to hunt animals that drop fur and leather and set them aside too.

Once you have enough canvas stored, you need to make clothing . (See each individual clothing page on SC Wiki for crafting recipes). After crafting clothing , you are ready to do more intense exploring! You can now go out as far as you like (be sure to pack lightly. Only what you need! This means an extra set of clothing, food, and weapons.) You can always find your way home with your compass.

I do not suggest sleeping while exploring unless you make shacks with spare food and a spare compass in a chest. If you die, you will go back to your last sleeping spot, and your compass will be gone. And then you won't be able to go back home until you have mined at your new location and gathered enough resources to make another compass. You can be out for a max of 2 days and nights before passing out. As you go further info your adventure, you will be able to acquire enough resources to make more compasses to leave in shacks along the way, and you will begin to become more familiar with the terrain. All we need is just a little patience ;)

After going through these steps, you should have a pretty good hold on things and be able to maintain things around your home pretty well. Just keep expanding and building up ;)

All of this info +more can be found on the SC Wiki at this link:


Saturday, April 25, 2015

Challenging Gamemode: Some Tips to get You Started (Part 2)

 ...Continued from Part 1


You should already have stone tools  and weapons  at this point. You now need to start gathering iron, saltpeter, and diamonds.
While mining with your stone pickaxe, pick up ONLY iron ore. Once you have enough, make an iron pickaxe and continue. An iron pickaxe is needed to acquire many of the ores you will encounter (ex: diamond ore). You can still use a stone pickaxe to break cobblestone if you wish.
The biggest issue when mining is getting lost. Make sure you leave torches as markers. Don't just place the torches randomly. They can serve as a sort of "path" for you to follow. This is especially important when mining in a cave, as the cave may have many tunnels to explore. 
Once you have the supplies to do so, craft a magnet and compass so you will never lose your home. 
Be sure to have a magnet and compass before going any further, OR just continue exploring a smaller amount of terrain until you get there. Way-point markers can be used.
Now you're ready to move on to farming and obtaining riding animals!!

Obtaining Horses

Horses, Camels, or donkeys will be needed as you progress. They allow you to travel longer distances in a shorter amount of time, and help you escape from predators faster. Horses are found in hot forest areas, donkeys and camels in the desert. To mount them, you will need a saddle, which is crafted from leather (comes from wolves and coyotes) and sticks. You will also need a whistle, which is crafted from iron ingots.
When searching for horses, you can take home more than one at a time! (Given you have more than 1 saddle, that is). Here's how (Please note you MUST have a compass and magnet for this method):
  1. Find a herd of horses. They are usually found in groups of 2-5.
  2. Place a saddle on each horse.
  3. Using your whistle, lead the horses back home. You can ride one while leading the others if you wish. The reason you need to have a compass is because you will have to lead your horses around obstacles such as cliffs, large hills, etc. so they do not get hurt. Chances are, you will not be able to use a straight path as you would with way-point markers. 
  4. When you get home, have a fence surrounded by cheap blocks (dirt, sand, etc.) waiting. This is so your horses can easily get in the fence, but not out. (Fences need to be 2 blocks high, as donkeys and camels can jump a single fence.)
When only taking one horse at a time, simply ride your horse home. Have a whistle handy in case you fall off. Way-point markers can be used here. You will not have to avoid so many obstacles. 

Farming Crops and Animals

To farm crops, you will need to collect seeds (you should already have cotton seeds) and a water supply (do this by gathering water in a bucket, or making a well to retrieve water from.). Fence an area in with wooden fences so animals cannot ruin your soil. Till dirt with a rake to make soil. Put saltpeter on the moisturized soil to fertilize, and place your cotton seeds on the soil. They will grow into cotton plants, which cotton wads can be obtained from. You then make canvas from the wads, and you are ready to craft some clothing!

Animal farming is also an important aspect of survival. For this, you will need to lay out a large fence (this is why we chose a flat area to live) 1 or 2 blocks tall (2 blocks tall will keep predators out) and put cheap blocks such as sand or leaves around your fence. If your fence is 2 blocks tall, make stairs. Throw tall grass into the fence. If there are cows around, they will go right into your fence!! Other undesired animals may get into your fence as well, such as gnus, but you can kill them later. If no cows are around, they can be obtained later with a whistle (they run from the sound).

 Next Time - Part 3: Clothing
Note: All of this info +more can be found on the SC Wiki at this link: