Tuesday, August 11, 2015


I haven't really tried out the carpet in SC yet, but I plan to shortly.

Today I'd like to offer the crafting recipe for carpet, along with some other notes ;)

Crafting takes 9 pieces of canvas, which are crafted from 9 cotton wads (yields 3 canvas). The recipe yields 6 pieces of carpet:

Craft canvas

Carpet craft

For just 6 pieces of carpet, you will need a total of 18 cotton wads. Looks like this is gonna be a long term project for me ;) I don't grow much cotton...

The nice thing is you can dye the carpet all 16 available colors, and it makes your interior "cozy". I love me a cozy room ;) They will not allow heat to flow in or out of your home. But be careful, as rainfall or snowfall will destroy your carpet. Not for outdoor use!!

Here are the color possibilities (pic provided by Gvbacci on SC wiki):


You can visit the carpet page on the SC wiki at this link: http://survivalcraftgame.wikia.com/wiki/Carpet


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