Saturday, March 28, 2015

1.27 is OUT!!!!

Hello!! Is everyone else as excited as I am for the 1.27 release?? This really was a big milestone for SC. Let's take a look at what was added!

1.27 Features:
  • Ported all code to new cross-platform Engine
  • Removed obsolete compatibility settings
  • Made chests collect items thrown at them
  • Added summoning of lightning in creative
    Added shader-based, proper water translucency
  • Added cavalry boots, long johns, socks, sweater
  • Added moose
  • Added campfire
  • Added carpets
  • Overhauled mouse/keyboard control to production quality
  • Fixed tallgrass, flowers and gravestone drops
  • Increased short inventory slots to 6
  • New health, temperature, hunger bars
  • Chasing creatures will eventually get bored
  • Dangerous animals will chase when touched
  • Animals will get out of player’s way when pushed
  • Added Engine logo
  • Pathfinding algorithm improvements
  • Added wooden leggings (armor)
  • Added support for very wide aspect ratio (21:9 and more)
  • Added picking of block type with middle mouse button
  • Added explosions to lightning strikes
  • Added leather sandals, cowboy hat, fedora
  • Made player start with more clothes
  • Added game log viewer in settings
  • Added flowing water and magma ambient sounds
  • Fixed particles of painted blocks
  • Added milking sounds
  • Made back button exit panels instead of going to pause screen
  • Fixed drowning
This is the official update history as found on Kaalus's blog.

My favorite thing about 1.27 is the new animal - the Moose.


 This is the same picture I posted before... Hopefully I can get a few more pictures and have a post about the moose later on ;)

I also have some new info. on the Moose!! They drop bacon and fur when killed, so they are a great source of food and clothing. And since 1.26, clothing has been a really vital part of the game. It's been hard to keep from freezing to death without warm clothing!!

The moose is also passive unless provoked. So although it is a bit dangerous to try and kill them for food and fur for a beginning player, an experienced player can tackle it no problem ;)

Another new feature I like is carpet. It makes the inside of your shelter "cosy and nice", which I like. It can also be dyed 16 different colors (just like clothes and paint). Just make sure to keep them inside! Rain will ruin them.

The new water transparency is NICE!! Kudos to Kaalus for making that happen ;)

What do you all think of 1.27? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments!!

(I haven't tried out the lightening summoning in Creative mode yet, as I mostly play in challenging. Do you all like it??) 

Monday, March 23, 2015

Even more for 1.27 update

I'm getting very excited for 1.27!! Kaalus has announced even more within the last few days.

Take a look at this picture he posted Saturday:


 That's right!! Carpet!! Kaalus has even adjusted the walking sound to be softer when our hero walks on carpet. Just be sure to keep it strictly indoors. Rain will ruin it.

There will also be a new edition coming for our default skin. Kaalus just posted this today!! [I wrote the first comment for this post on Kaalus's blog :P] Take a look:


Hats! The one shown above is tattered and ripped to match our default skin. There are other hats to be crafted though! Cowboy hats and cotton fedoras will also be added.  Can't wait to see the cowboy hat ;)

And did you notice those things on our hero's feet? Those are sandals! They will also wear out quickly, but they're better than nothing. (I wonder if they will allow for you to run faster like boots??)

This will definitely be a great update, and I can't wait!!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

New Features for 1.27

Big post today, everyone!!
Kaalus has announced so many new features for the 1.27 update.

This is my favorite:


Yes! Finally! The moose in SC!! Kaalus says it will be passive unless provoked. I wonder what it will drop... Fur maybe??

On top of adding a new animal, Kaalus has worked hard to bring us proper water transparency, new indicators for health, hunger, and temperature, more space in the hotbar, more clothes, and a new inventory!!

In 1.27, you will only be able to see through the water when you are close to it. Here is the link for the video he posted if you would like to have a look (I was going to upload the video directly to this page, but I couldn't get it to work.):

Here are the new indicators for health, hunger, and body temp:
" When it’s all blue, it means the temperature is optimal. When it turns dark, it means it’s too cold. When it turns orange, it’s too hot." ~Kaalus


It appears that the body temp indicators are thermometers, health is hearts, and hunger is fish. I'm not too fond of this... I liked the old stat page better... What about you all??

In this picture, you can also see the new 6 slot hotbar! I am quite excited about that :P

As for more clothing, Kaalus has brought us long johns, a sweater, socks, and cavalry boots (which make your horse run faster.)


Personally, I'm glad we have something to make our horses run faster!! I hate cutting it close when being chased by predators!!

And take a look at the new creative inventory!!



We will now have different pages for each type of item in the inventory! Because of this addition, you will no longer have to dye your clothes in creative mode :)

We do have new pages on the SC Wiki for the new clothes and the moose, but all of the info won't be available until after the release. But I'll make sure to post links when the time comes ;)

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Campfires in Survival Craft!!

C-A-M-P-F-I-R-E   S-O-N-G  SONG!

Just 8 hours ago, Kaalus posted important details about the 1.27 release!!

He says:
"A campfire. Easily crafted and keeps predators away, at least up to a point. Also handy for drying clothes and getting warm in cold climates. Needs a lot of fuel to keep going. Beware of rain, and don’t throw snowballs or gunpowder into it :-)"
 So this new campfire will not only dry your clothes, but keep predators away to a certain point! I do, however, wonder the lighting range and such... The only unfortunate thing is that it needs a lot of fuel to keep it going. Maybe tree leaves will suffice?? They are cheap and convenient, especially if you need a lot of fuel!! I am also assuming snowballs will put it out, and gunpowder will make it explode.

Here is the picture from his blog:

What are your thoughts on the campfire?? The appearance is definitely nice :)

As soon as the 1.27 update releases, I will test the campfire against coal blocks and see which one drys clothes faster and report back!! I'll also keep you updated on Kaalus's posts.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Beginner Tips

Hello everyone!

Stanimus from the SC wiki noticed that we are getting a lot of comments asking regarding beginner tips. I am glad to see so many new players! And I thought it would be a good idea to share the beginner tips Stanimus posted on the SC Wiki:

  • Find a decent place for your shelter before the sun begins to set. Predators will be after you as soon as it gets dark and you want some time to dig or build the shelter before the sun sets.
  • Until you have good clothing and you can get more, it's easiest to survive if you stay in or very close to desert biomes. You will not freeze, it does not rain, you can see farther away (no trees) and you can usually find food animals nearby. However, lions rhinos and other nasties also like the desert.
  • Don't leave your shelter during bad weather. The rain will make you get cold fmuch faster plus, you could be set afire by lightning.
  • Don't go into a snow biome without protection or you will freeze.
  • Stay out of the water unless you are in a very warm biome and even then watch your step! Don't step on rays. They don't like it and will attack you.
  • Watch your step everywhere! It's too easy to think you are only walking over a hill but the other side might be a shear cliff.
  • Carrying capacity is limited. Only carry what you need. You can use the personal crafting slots as extra storage, if needed. Throw away things that are easy to replace such as leaf blocks, if you're in a forest.
  • When playing in Harmless, Adventure, Challenging, or Cruel mode, make sure to get the basics first: Shelter and Food. The shelter can be a hole and the food can be bird eggs or pumpkins.
I sure hope this has helped (those of you just starting out anyway ).
Here is the link to the SC Wiki Tips, Tricks, and Common Mistakes page:

The SC Wiki also has new content on the Home Page!

Until next time, Happy Surviving ;)