Saturday, March 21, 2015

New Features for 1.27

Big post today, everyone!!
Kaalus has announced so many new features for the 1.27 update.

This is my favorite:


Yes! Finally! The moose in SC!! Kaalus says it will be passive unless provoked. I wonder what it will drop... Fur maybe??

On top of adding a new animal, Kaalus has worked hard to bring us proper water transparency, new indicators for health, hunger, and temperature, more space in the hotbar, more clothes, and a new inventory!!

In 1.27, you will only be able to see through the water when you are close to it. Here is the link for the video he posted if you would like to have a look (I was going to upload the video directly to this page, but I couldn't get it to work.):

Here are the new indicators for health, hunger, and body temp:
" When it’s all blue, it means the temperature is optimal. When it turns dark, it means it’s too cold. When it turns orange, it’s too hot." ~Kaalus


It appears that the body temp indicators are thermometers, health is hearts, and hunger is fish. I'm not too fond of this... I liked the old stat page better... What about you all??

In this picture, you can also see the new 6 slot hotbar! I am quite excited about that :P

As for more clothing, Kaalus has brought us long johns, a sweater, socks, and cavalry boots (which make your horse run faster.)


Personally, I'm glad we have something to make our horses run faster!! I hate cutting it close when being chased by predators!!

And take a look at the new creative inventory!!



We will now have different pages for each type of item in the inventory! Because of this addition, you will no longer have to dye your clothes in creative mode :)

We do have new pages on the SC Wiki for the new clothes and the moose, but all of the info won't be available until after the release. But I'll make sure to post links when the time comes ;)

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