Monday, March 23, 2015

Even more for 1.27 update

I'm getting very excited for 1.27!! Kaalus has announced even more within the last few days.

Take a look at this picture he posted Saturday:


 That's right!! Carpet!! Kaalus has even adjusted the walking sound to be softer when our hero walks on carpet. Just be sure to keep it strictly indoors. Rain will ruin it.

There will also be a new edition coming for our default skin. Kaalus just posted this today!! [I wrote the first comment for this post on Kaalus's blog :P] Take a look:


Hats! The one shown above is tattered and ripped to match our default skin. There are other hats to be crafted though! Cowboy hats and cotton fedoras will also be added.  Can't wait to see the cowboy hat ;)

And did you notice those things on our hero's feet? Those are sandals! They will also wear out quickly, but they're better than nothing. (I wonder if they will allow for you to run faster like boots??)

This will definitely be a great update, and I can't wait!!

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