Saturday, November 28, 2015

Sharp Dressed Man

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

I had a great surplus of leather (and I've been doing quite well with my cotton field!) in SC, so today, I'm gonna share the crafting recipes for my favorite articles of clothing so you can dress sharp in SC too :P

Leather pants are pretty great looking on our SC character, and offer protection too! To craft, you need 4 pieces of leather and 2 strings:

Leather pants

How about a nice shirt to go with those pants. Craft a shirt to keep you warm with 6 pieces of canvas:
(shirt can also be dyed!! See link to previous post:


Where would we be without our leather jerkin too?? It's super easy to craft - all you need is 3 pieces of leather - and can fit over top of other articles of clothing.

Leather jerkin

Cowboy hat will offer some protection and match your pants :P

Screenshot 2015-07-02-23-27-37

Socks are fun, warm, and easy to craft:

Socks craft

Wear some cavalry boots over your socks for even more protection. They also make your horses run faster!!

Cavalry boots craft

You're all set!! You will be fairly warm, protected, and ready for whatever happens ;)

Hope Kaalus will post soon! I'm anxious to see what is coming up ;)

As always, happy crafting!!

Links - Check these out for more info.: