Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Growing Cotton

It is extremely important to keep warm. If you live in a mild climate, cotton clothing should do it!


  1. To grow cotton, find a humid area. This is where it will grow best :) 
  2. Determine how large the area needs to be. For cotton, it should be large.
  3. Next, till the area with a rake to yield soil. The best way to do this is to have a row of water between two rows of soil. This will keep your soil damp.
  4. Fertilize the soil with saltpeter*. It can be obtained from sandy areas.
  5. Lay down your cotton seeds, one on each block. 
  6. Build a fence around your cotton. The fence should be 2+ blocks in height to keep unwanted visitors out.
  7. Watch your cotton grow :) Once it is finished, it will look like the below picture, and from it, you will obtain both cotton wads and more cotton seeds.
*I have found that you do not have to fertilize, but it is advised. Fertilize unless you absolutely NEED the cotton. There is only a small chance to obtain cotton if you do not. Otherwise, more wild cotton will grow. 


Hope this helped ;)

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

When the Gnu Attacks

We have had and ongoing argument on the SC wiki. Some say the Gnu has a 100% chance to retaliate when injured by the player, but some disagreed. Stanimus suggested that someone hit the gnu 1000 times and record the data to draw an approximate conclusion. I volunteered, and here are the results:

I have found that there is approximately a 92.8% chance for the gnu to retaliate when attacked. Here is how I drew this conclusion:
1. Spawn 1 gnu at a time and hit it once with the players bare hand.
2. Leave site and go to another spot (with no existing gnus) and repeat.
3. Keep careful record of the gnu's behavior. Did they attack or run?
4. Calculate chance to retaliate with this formula: # of time gnu attacked / 1000 total


  • 928 Gnus attacked
  • 71 Gnus ran
  • 1 Gnu didn't respond in any way
928 attacking gnus / 1000 total gnus = 92.8% chance to attack when provoked
71 running gnus / 1000 total gnus = 7.1% chance to run when provoked
1 unresponsive gnu / 1000 total gnus = .1% chance not to respond 

There is quite a high chance for the gnu to retaliate, but they do not all of the time. Personally, I was quite surprised to find that there was a chance (a small one) that the gnu would remain unresponsive!!

I'm glad to have cleared up the argument on the SC Wiki, and I hope this helped anyone else caught up in an argument as well!! 

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Moose - Possibly my Favorite SC Animal

The moose is the newest member of the SC animal family, and quite possibly my favorite :)

They live in cold biomes, which can be an inconvenience if you do not have proper clothing, but it can be well worth the trip. Moose drop both bacon and fur, making it useful for both nutritional and clothing needs.

Moose are, of course, herbivores. You can feed them any vegetation by trowing it on the ground. This is a great way to lure them in close to hunt them. You don't want to spend too much time in a cold biome without proper clothing, so you need to get it done quickly. I have found that, when you come across a large herd (4-8), throwing 6-8 pieces of grass (or vegetation of your choice) on the ground and picking them off with arrows from a tree top is very effective. You will be able to hunt them for a long range, but they will not be able to reach you! Try it out ;)

Be careful when hunting them head on. They are passive - until provoked. Kaalus said "Normally slow and docile, but is powerful and can turn nasty if annoyed." ~Kaalus (March 17)

This is why I choose to attack from a distance.


(Picture above from Kaalus's blog)

Hope some of this info is helpful :) You can find more info on Moose at this link:

Happy Surviving :)

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Just and Update

School is finally out here and I should have much more free time to come down to the library and post SC info. So glad to have time off from school!! :D

The SC Wiki is growing more and more all of the time. Recently, Stanimus added a page that will prove useful to many players: Uploading and Downloading. Just as the name suggests, the page provides info about "uploading, downloading and saving your world file, skins, or texture pack." If you are having issues with any of these concepts or have a question on the subject, I highly recommend the page. Stanimus, as always, has done a wonderful job with this help topic.

I'll post again in the next few days :)  Hopefully Kaalus will post again soon!!

Everyone having a good summer??