Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Growing Cotton

It is extremely important to keep warm. If you live in a mild climate, cotton clothing should do it!


  1. To grow cotton, find a humid area. This is where it will grow best :) 
  2. Determine how large the area needs to be. For cotton, it should be large.
  3. Next, till the area with a rake to yield soil. The best way to do this is to have a row of water between two rows of soil. This will keep your soil damp.
  4. Fertilize the soil with saltpeter*. It can be obtained from sandy areas.
  5. Lay down your cotton seeds, one on each block. 
  6. Build a fence around your cotton. The fence should be 2+ blocks in height to keep unwanted visitors out.
  7. Watch your cotton grow :) Once it is finished, it will look like the below picture, and from it, you will obtain both cotton wads and more cotton seeds.
*I have found that you do not have to fertilize, but it is advised. Fertilize unless you absolutely NEED the cotton. There is only a small chance to obtain cotton if you do not. Otherwise, more wild cotton will grow. 


Hope this helped ;)

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