Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Would you like to see breeding in Survival Craft??

A reoccurring request on the SC Wiki is breeding. It seems that you cannot look through the comments on a page without seeing someone wanting/asking how to breed their animals!!

And I would like to know: Do YOU want breeding??

There are pros and cons...


  • Animals will be a renewable resource
  • If animals are eaten by predators, accidentally killed, etc. it won't be as much of a problem to replace them
  • You can choose what color animals you desire. [ Ex: Breeding 2 palomino horses to yield another palomino, breeding black cows and bulls to acquire more black cows, etc. ] 
  • It may make the game easier. I like to search for my animals! It offers challenge! 
  • May need new crops to farm - if Kaalus were to program breeding similar to MC.
  • Overcrowding. Players may get carried away and make too many animals! 

And of course, with pros and cons, problems arise...

Potential Problems:
  • Male and Female animals?? [ Yes, this IS already present in cattle for obvious reasons ] 
  • How would they be marked as male and female? [ I don't think they can all be unisex because we already have the presence of cows and bulls ]
  • Would you be able to breed animals you normally wouldn't keep as pets?? [ Ex: Giraffe, Tiger, etc. - animals that do not drop anything and/or are not necessary for survival ]
  • Horse + Donkey = Mule. Could mules be added?? 
  • Limit to an animals breeding capabilities?? If you were to keep 2 horses in a tall fenced in area so that they would have a very small chance of dying, could you breed then infinitely?? 

I think that breeding would be a nice addition - but with limits.

What do you think?? Any more pros, cons, or potential problems?? 


  1. its about realism, catch cows and breed or make a fish pond.

    if i would be on a lonely island with tons of pets. i would catch them all! stack up my food and go out for exploration without worring if there is some food around or not.

    Breeding is the only thing i really miss because it feels sureal having tons animals and only thing i can do is kill them or ride. same goes for what i get if i kill a cow in real life. not only some meet peaces lether, horn... there is so much potencial in this game! far grater then any other game. it tops even minecraft is this is handled well!

    1. I have mixed feelings about the breeding aspect. I kinda made this post to organize my feelings ;)

      Also, thanks for sharing your thoughts! I do appreciate it :)

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  3. I would love to have breeding i the game and the animals you can get would be babies for a while. I don't like the idea of feeding them something and they instantly breed, instead have female and male animals that you can put together to breed. Maybe some animals don't get along or something like that. I would like to see the animals in general more developed.

  4. I think breeding/mating would be a good addition to the game and would make it a lot easier to be able to create a farm and harvest meat. I also think it would be cool to have baby animals too.

    1. It would be cool to have baby animals. If they add them I hope their cute.

  5. I sooooooooo want breeding. I love Minecraft too and what makes that game great for me is the breeding. I love taking care of the baby animals and creating breeding farms.

  6. I think breeding would be an awesome edition to Survivalcraft. One thing though the animals would breed on there own u would not be able to breed them. And the animals (girls) would get pregnant for like 2 weeks or something. They (girls) would feed their babies milk or you could if they were orphanns. On a different note animals should be able to lay down.