Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Top 5 Most Useful Survival Craft Animals to Keep Around

Animals in Survival Craft can make survival a lot easier. The trick is keeping the right ones.

So here is a list I have composed of what I consider to be the Top 5 Most Useful Animals in Survival Craft to Keep Around:

#5 - Ostrich

The ostrich is the largest bird in Survival Craft. It's eggs are very nutritious, especially cooked. One cooked ostrich egg will completely restore the players health.

It is a good idea to keep a herd of ostriches in a pen near your home. Ostriches can be herded with a whistle, making is super easy to direct them into a fence. [Tip: Build your fences 3+ blocks high to keep predators out]

As you start to acquire more ostrich eggs, you can enlarge your herd by throwing eggs into your pen. There is not a 100% guarantee that you will obtain an ostrich for each egg, however. I will try and do some experimenting to find the egg-to-ostrich ratio.

#4 - Donkey

Donkeys are not as fast as horses, but they do offer great rides! If you plan to go on long journeys, I suggest taking a donkey with you rather than a horse. Donkeys can take falls from greater heights without injury, so they are ideal for exploring.

Donkeys do have 1 downfall, however. They can jump single fences, so double fences are ALWAYS needed. Sometimes if I am exploring somewhere I cannot take my animal, like a cave, I just build a small enclosure and leave my animal outside. But even if they are going to be left for a short time, they need to be kept in double fences.

But on another positive note, they can be summoned with a whistle from a range of 30 blocks.

#3 - Black Bull

Black bulls are nice to keep around, as they will fight off predators and protect your herd. Why can't you just keep brown bulls, you ask? That will come later :)

#2 - Horses

Horses are extremely useful when hunting. If you like to hunt on horseback with spears or arrows, then they make great companions. They are fast, easily maneuverable, and they protect you from damage. If you are hunting boars, for example, and one gets too close, it will hurt the horse, not the player.

They can also out-run predators, so as you are returning home from a hunt, you don't have to worry about getting jumped by a bear :P Take the king of the jungle for example - the lion. If you are running through a desert and a lion thinks you look tasty, your horse can easily out-run it. The horse's walk speed is 6.75, whereas the lion's is only 4.5.

And of course, just as all other mountable animals, the horse can be summoned with a whistle from a range of 30 blocks.

#1 - Black Cow

And finally the moment we have all been waiting for!! The black cow. I find these animals to be rather important. They are quite easy to obtain as well. They can be herded with a whistle, right into your awaiting fence.

And where there are black cows, there are black bulls protecting them!! That's why, as mentioned in #3, black bulls are more useful than brown ones. They protect black cows, which regenerate milk faster than brown cows.

The milk regenerates a lot of hunger, which is, of course, vital to your survival. You just need 3 copper ingots to make a bucket, and you are set to go! After milking your cows, you can take a stack up to 12 with you anywhere you go! I just find it convenient to have milk at my disposal whenever I need it.

Brown cow

These 5 animals cover everything you need: food, transportation, and protection. That is why I find these 5 to be the most useful!

Do you agree with my list? If there is an animal you think belongs on here, just let me know in the comments!!

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