Saturday, February 28, 2015

My Apologies and Hunting Tips

My apologies to everyone who reads my blog... We just had a LOT of snow, and we got about 18 inches. It messed up my internet connection, and now my computer won't turn on...

I'll try and be here as often as I can. Whenever I have access to internet, I'll be here :)

Just bear with me!!

Anyway... Today I bring a Hunting tip!! Particularly, hunting with a trap:

What I like to do when hunting using traps:
  1. Dig a pit 8 blocks deep with desired width. Place a layer of wire-through blocks (wire facing the top) on the 3rd layer from the bottom, leaving the botton 2 layers EMPTY (for now). Also, light this under-area with torches. 
  2. Put spiked planks on the layer of wire-through blocks you just created.
  3. Wire all of the spiked planks together.
  4. Create a staircase leading to your trap. Make it level to the spiked planks.
  5. Wire your planks to a button; make it accessable from your staircase. To do this, simply dig BESIDE your staircase, and bring your wires up through there. Attach to button. This makes it possible to contract and spike your spiked planks. 
  6. Put a door on your staricase - the area level to the planks. Make sure it is flush to the spikes, this way no predators can find a "safe spot". 
  7. Cover the outside of your starcase with trapdoors and the top of your trap with grasstraps.
  8. Stand in your hidden staircase at night on a new/full moon to attract werewolves (to farm diamonds), or on any night to attract bears (for fur) or wolves and coyotes (for leather).
  9. When an animal falls into your trap and dies, you can contract the spikes, get whatever it dropped, and put more grasstraps on the top of your pit - all without leaving your staircase/trap!!! 
It does take a long time to make, and a lot of materials, but it is WORTH IT!! I have been using this method since 1.24, and I have harvested soooooo many resources!! 

I hope to be able to update this post later and add pictures! I think everyone who uses this method will find it to their liking :)

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