Sunday, February 8, 2015

Arrows & Bolts vs Throwable Items

As many of you who prefer to hunt from long distances know, good arrows are EXPENSIVE to make. You need 1 diamond for EACH iron arrow!!

There is another way. A much cheaper way. Throwable Items!!

Here is a comparison of the weapon power of all arrows and multiple throwable items:


Wooden Tip Arrow: 1/4
Stone Tip Arrow: 1/6
Iron Tip Arrow: 1/8
Diamond Tip Arrow: 1/10


Iron Tip Bolt: 1/10
Diamond Tip Iron Bolt: 1/14

Throwable Items:

Coal Chunk: 1/10
Stone Chunk: 1/10
Snowball: 1/10

So the most powerful projectile is the Diamond Tip Iron Bolt with a weapon power of 1/14. But they require an iron ingot to make the iron bolt, and then a diamond for EACH bolt! And the problem with bolts is that they will ricochet when they hit your target, and can kill you, or break.

Arrows are slightly less expensive, and they are easy to shoot, unlike the crossbow, which must be reloaded through a show process... Also, the nice things about arrows is that they do not ricochet as bad as bolts, and they do not break.

But why use those when you can use a coal chunk, stone chunk, or snowball that will do the equivalent damage of a diamond tip arrow and iron tip bolt?

These throwable items are easy to obtain, especially the snowballs, and you can retrieve the coal chunks and stone chunks after killing your target!! Although, snowballs will disintegrate after being thrown.

My suggestion to you is to use stone chunks as opposed to arrows and bolts. They do just as much damage, and you do not have to craft a bow/crossbow as well as ammunition.

Coal Chunk
Throwable Items for the Win!!!!

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