Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Skins are a customizable feature added in 1.25 along with crossbows, bombs, etc.

Personally, I think it was a big step for Survival Craft. It is a great feature and allows players to get creative with their appearance.

You can download skins and other content by selecting "Get Content" on the home screen menu.

Here are some of my favorite skins:


The tiger skin is definitely my favorite. I love the color scheme, and tigers are one of my favorite animals in the game.

After searching for different skins, I also stumbled upon a Tribal Mod (by rockstar5166 on survivalcraft.lefora.com) for Survival Craft that looks really cool. It is still currently in development.
Rockstar5166 says:
"I'm not sure if Kaalus plans on adding any Human MOBS or Friendly NPCs, but this is as close as it gets. A few people have been asking about putting Natives in the game, so i attempted to do just that. Since I have no programming or game development experience, I basically had to learn how this game was made by playing around until just recently I discovered how to modify some of the Survivalcraft core files and added my own custom MOB using the "Human.xnb" as a base. I converted it to PNG and used photoshop to draw two NPC Villagers, one male (Red) and one female (Purple). I tried to make them look like the African Samburu Tribe by the body paint, headbands, and jewelry. They are not aggressive and will sometimes throw supplies to you. If you kill them they will drop stone spears. Currently, I only got them to spawn in the wasteland, but I plan on trying to make them spawn in certain areas. I'm also trying to make villages spawn as well, but trying to do that isn't so easy. I hope to finish this mod completely without it lagging and crashing, but this is what I was able to do so far. Note: The buildings and Acacia Trees did not spawn naturally, I had to build them myself in creative mode."

Here are the pictures he/she included:

image   image

image   image


This was published in December 2013, so hopefully it will be finished soon. It is a great idea, especially considering the excessive demand for natives in the game. The skins are of great craftsmanship as well.

There will also be a new default skin for 1.26, which you can see along with other upcoming features in my earlier blog post 1.26 Update Features [As of Sept. 21]

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