Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Favorite Animal?

Hello again, everyone. Sorry about not posting for so long...
I will try and do better and post more often.

Anyway, I've been doing a lot of thinking about animals in Survival Craft. I even made a vote on the Survival Craft Wiki for everyone to vote for their favorite animal. [Click Here to view the page and vote] I got some very different responses. But one contributor brought up a great point. The black cow may be the most useful animal.

He/She brought up the point that once you capture one, you are set. The black cow regenerates milk very quickly. Therefore, considering you have buckets, you can probably live on the cows milk. And the more you have, the better. Milking the cows has no effect on your tool longevity, and you don't have to worry about hunting! The milk is very nutritious too.

I may have to take this into consideration and try this myself. It is very reasonable, and easy to maintain. Cows are very easily herded, so acquiring them will not be an issue. If any others try it, leave a comment and tell me about how it goes for you :)

My personal favorite animal is the black bear. I think they're cute :)
I love to watch them eat pumpkins, and I have a pet black bear that I keep in a stone fence outside my house. His name is Bubba.
I also like the bay horse. It is my second favorite.

Have a favorite animal? Leave a comment below!

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