Sunday, October 19, 2014


For the most part, Survival Craft is a very realistic game. But the addition of werewolves in the game gave it some creativity and challenge.

Werewolves spawn from regular wolves on full and new moons. You will see a cloud of blue light when they transform. They are VERY dangerous animals. They can jump nearly 3 blocks high, and they have an attack resilience of 30. They have a walk speed of 4.75. [For complete stats, go to this link.]When you are within 40 blocks of a werewolf, he will stare at you with red glowing eyes.

But many have asked me what they drop when killed. They don't always drop anything, but they do have a 1/3 [33.33%] chance of dropping a diamond.

So although they are very dangerous, it is well worth going out at night to kill them. The reward is great.


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