Sunday, October 5, 2014

Survival Craft vs. Minecraft: Animals Edition

There has been a lot of debate over which game is better: Survival Craft or Minecraft. Personally, I like Survival Craft a lot better, but others don't seem to think so.

So today, I will be discussing the different animals found in Survival Craft, and the animals in Minecraft.

     First and foremost, there are 35 animals in Survival Craft [bass (freshwater), bass (sea), black bear, brown bear, polar bear, coyote, wolf, gnu, rhino, lion, tiger, white tiger (rare), black bull, brown bull, white bull (rare), black cow, brown cow, camel, donkey, horse (5 colors), hyena, piranha, seagull, duck, raven, orca, shark, yellow ray, brown ray, zebra, wild boar, werewolf, reindeer, ostrich, and giraffe]
     In minecraft, there are only 16 animals [chicken, pig, cow, sheep (various colors), mooshroom, wolf, dog, ocelot, cat, horse (35 colors), mule, donkey, fish, bat, silverfish, and squid]

Survival Craft has over double the amount of animals that Minecraft has. Minecraft does, however, have more horse colors. Minecraft has 35 colors of horses, and Survival Craft has 5. The horses in Survival Craft do look a lot more realistic though. See for yourself:

Minecraft Horse
Survival Craft Horse
But, there is the breeding option in Minecraft that Survival Craft does not yet have.

Honestly, all of the animals in Survival Craft look way more realistic than the animals in Minecraft. Just look at the difference in the wolves:

Minecraft Wolf
Survival Craft Coyote (Left) & Wolf (Right)
Just look at the two wolves above. Which one looks better? And the horses?    

Not to mention that in the upcoming Survival Craft update (1.26) Beluga Whales and possibly Alpacas will be added, making the count:
                                         Survival Craft: 37
                                         Minecraft: 16        

There is just no comparison. Although I do play both games, I do think that Survival Craft is way better than Minecraft. Do you agree?

I am not trying to anger any Minecraft fans, or put the game down.


  1. I prefer the Minecraft horses, but I do agree that Survival Craft is better in many ways, especially because they have so many animals. -- Quintillus54

  2. I prefer Minecraft because I don't want all my games to be realistic and Minecraft has a lot more objects and I think Minecraft is just an easier game. Plus Ride The Pig! Sorry I just love how you can ride pigs, BUT i love how by dropping meat in Survival Craft carnivorous animals will eat it, in my liking Minecraft 70% and Survival Craft 30%