Thursday, October 16, 2014

Saddled Animals: Uses and Conveniences

In Survival Craft, there are currently 3 types of animals that can be tamed via saddles: Horse, Camel, and Donkey.

Horses are most commonly found in lush and tropical forests in herds of 2-4 horses. They can run the fastest of the three, and are very easy to maneuver in tight areas such as forests. And they are especially helpful when you have to escape predators. Sometimes, however, steeds become stubborn and won't move when you try to ride them. [To cure this behavior, simply feed your animal.] Black horses become stubborn the most, and palomino horses are NEVER stubborn. So I suggest riding them. But beware of heights. Horses don't take falls too well.

Camels are found exclusively in deserts, usually away from bodies of water such as the shoreline. They aren't very fast, and can be very difficult to maneuver when climbing mountains, going through trees, etc. They can jump fences, so double fences are needed. And be careful of falling. Camels don't take falls too well. They don't become stubborn very often though.

Donkeys are found in wastelands and deserts. They are very stubborn animals, but this can easily be cured with food [tall grass, ivy, flowers, saplings, etc.]. They aren't too fast, but can take falls from greater heights than camels and horses. This is so important if you live in an area with rugged terrain. They can jump fences, so double fences are required.



All of these animals can be summoned with a whistle in the event that you become separated. The whistle only works from a distance of 30 blocks in any given direction though.

And the camels have very pretty saddles. :)

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