Saturday, October 4, 2014

My Favorite Habitat

I absolutely love the Jungle habitat in Survival Craft. Anyone else feel this way?

There are so many resources to be found! Trees and ivy are everywhere, so gathering wood for a home is no problem. This also makes crafting tools and weapons easier too. There seem to be mountains usually close by, so stone or iron are abundant.

Not to mention that the jungle is such a beautiful, lush green color.

And there are more animals found in the jungle than in any other habitat. In ponds, you can find freshwater bass to eat. And since they will typically be found in smaller ponds and springs in the jungle, they aren't too hard to kill. And although you must be careful not to step on them, rays can also be found. Brown cows and bulls can be spotted herd after herd. Gnus are everywhere, and ducks can often be found flying about. And if you are in need of transportation, the jungle is the place to find horses and occasional donkeys! You can even lure them towards you with ivy or tall grass.

I love to make my homes in a desert right beside a jungle. I choose to build my home in a desert because there aren't any trees to clear, and I can more easily put large fences down. And whenever I need food-or anything really, I just have to go to the nearby jungle.

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