Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Where Does It Go?

Every Survival Craft fan has wondered at one time or another about where the ship goes after abandoning you.

Some of the most common questions I have encountered are: "Does the ocean stretch forever?" and "What if the ship runs into an island?"

I have answers to both of these questions:
1. No, the ocean does not stretch forever [there are islands and such], unless you create a flat world. In the instance that you do, both land and sea will stretch forever without interruption.
2. When the ship runs into an island or other body of land, it simply passes through it. Look at the picture below:

It was quite interesting to follow the ship and find out what happens to it. I was kind of wondering if it just disappeared after it went far enough out of eye's reach.

Something else I've been thinking about is whether or not you can ever find the ship again after you have started playing in a world. I've ended up in some odd places in my travels. I'll go one way and then end up going somewhere else. So if you get lost and you find yourself on an island in the ocean, is there a change that you may encounter the ship again?

I'm assuming the answer is yes. But it's something to think about.

And if someone has encountered the ship again while lost, exploring, etc. I would love to hear about it.

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