Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Survival Craft Weather

In Survival Craft, there are 4 types of weather: Clear [no rain, snow, etc.], Rainfall, Snowfall, and Thunderstorms.

My favorite is the thunderstorms. I love the way the lightning looks in the sky.

It gives off such a vibrant glow. I especially like thunderstorms at night. The lightning is really nice against the night sky.

The rainfall just gets on my nerves. It affects your seeing distance, making finding your way home more difficult. The snowfall is pretty. I really like the different snowflakes. But the lightning is something special. It makes me want to watch the night sky every time it rains.

The interesting thing about lightning is that is doesn't deal any damage if it strikes you. The reason it hurts you is the fire damage. So unless you are near a water source, staying inside a shelter made of non-flammable materials is advised.

I saw a poor giraffe get struck by lightning and catch on fire while I was gathering pumpkins. Luckily, we were right beside the ocean. So giraffe was okay :)

You can also collect cooked meat during thunderstorms. Lightning tends to strike tall objects [ like giraffes, trees, tall buildings, etc. ]  So as birds fly high in the sky, they are sometimes struck by lightning and set afire. The birds are almost instantly killed by the fire, and you get cooked meat!

So not only do I find the thunderstorms the most interesting weather, but the most useful too.

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