Sunday, September 21, 2014

1.26 Update Features [As of Sept. 21]

Besides the new animal discussed earlier, there are many other features in the 1.26 update as of September 21, 2014. [As new features are created, they will be posted later on] 

New Animal Behavior:
There will be a HUGE change in the way animals will behave come the 1.26 update. Kaalus hasn't said exactly what it is going to be, but I have some ideas...

What do you guys think??

New Default Skin:
This skin will be added as the default to make way for a new feature-can you guess what it is?

Clothing is a HUGE feature coming in 1.26! Kaalus stated that: "The basic stuff, like armor (certain types of clothing protecting against hits) and temperature effects on health (wearing thin clothing in the snow) should be included. Suggestions for anything beyond that welcome!"

So, there are a lot of new features to look forward to in 1.26. I can't wait! [If anyone finds out the release date, leave it in the comments. Also, all the pictures came from Kaalus's blog.]

Thanks for reading!! If you have any ideas as to what else may be added in 1.26, just leave it in the comments!


  1. The new update has come out!°.*\( ˆoˆ )/*.°

    1. I'm really excited about it :)
      I just got the update the other day. The new animals are GREAT!!!! I love the Cassowary :)