Saturday, March 14, 2015

Campfires in Survival Craft!!

C-A-M-P-F-I-R-E   S-O-N-G  SONG!

Just 8 hours ago, Kaalus posted important details about the 1.27 release!!

He says:
"A campfire. Easily crafted and keeps predators away, at least up to a point. Also handy for drying clothes and getting warm in cold climates. Needs a lot of fuel to keep going. Beware of rain, and don’t throw snowballs or gunpowder into it :-)"
 So this new campfire will not only dry your clothes, but keep predators away to a certain point! I do, however, wonder the lighting range and such... The only unfortunate thing is that it needs a lot of fuel to keep it going. Maybe tree leaves will suffice?? They are cheap and convenient, especially if you need a lot of fuel!! I am also assuming snowballs will put it out, and gunpowder will make it explode.

Here is the picture from his blog:

What are your thoughts on the campfire?? The appearance is definitely nice :)

As soon as the 1.27 update releases, I will test the campfire against coal blocks and see which one drys clothes faster and report back!! I'll also keep you updated on Kaalus's posts.

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  1. Yes, the campfire is quite good.