Thursday, January 8, 2015


In Survival Craft, you have 16 options for paint colours: Black, Blue, Cyan, Dark Grey, Green, Grey, Olive, Pale Blue, Pale Cyan, Pale Green, Pink, Purple, Red, Salmon, White, and Yellow.

Each of these has unique recipes to follow.

You also need to follow these steps when making your paint:
  1. Be sure you have one water bucket for each bucket of paint you plan to create. White Paint starts with limestone, so be sure to have a plentiful amount on hand as well.
  2.  Smelting the limestone in the Furnace will give you white pigment. Put this and the bucket of water together in the furnace to make white paint.
  3. Follow the recipes below to make whatever paint colour you desire. Some paint recipes contain other coloured paint buckets. We start with White, and build from there.
  • Purple Paint + Coal Chunk
  • Cyan Paint + Coal Chunk
  • Dark Grey Paint + Coal Chunk
  • Grey Paint + Coal Chunk
  • Olive Paint + Purple Flower
  • Blue Paint + Coal Chunk
  • Red Paint + Coal Chunk
  • Green Paint + Coal Chunk
  • Olive Paint + Coal Chunk
  • Purple Paint + Sulphur Chunk 
  • Pale Cyan + Coal Chunk
  • Purple Paint + Malachite Chunk
  • Cyan Paint + Purple Flower 
  •  Pale Cyan + Coal Chunk 
Dark Grey:
  • Grey Paint + Malachite Chunk
  • White Paint + Coal Chunk 
  • Cyan Paint + Sulphur Chunk
  • Pale Green + Coal Chunk 
  • Salmon Paint + Malachite Chunk
  • Pale Green Paint + Purple Flower
  • Pale Cyan Paint + Sulphur Chunk 
  • Yellow Paint + Coal Chunk
  • Dark Grey Paint + Sulphur Chunk 
Pale Blue: 
  • Pink Paint + Malachite Chunk
  • Pale Cyan Paint + Purple Flower 
Pale Cyan: 
  •  White Paint + Malachite Chunk 
Pale Green: 
  • Pale Cyan Paint + Sulphur Chunk
  • Yellow Paint + Malachite Chunk 
  • White Paint + Purple Flower 
  • Salmon Paint + Coal Chunk
  • Dark Grey Paint + Purple Flower 
  • Salmon Paint + Coal Chunk
  • Olive Paint + Malachite Chunk 
  • Yellow Paint + Purple Flower
  • Pink Paint + Sulphur Chunk 
  • Bucket of Water + White Pigment
  • White Paint + Sulphur Chunk 

You can use these paint buckets to dye your cotton clothes, Wooden Planks, Granite, and Basalt. 

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