Saturday, January 31, 2015

Stamina, Sleep, and Hunger

Some very vital statistics in Survival Craft are Stamina, Sleep, and Hunger. I find them to be the three most important, and I'd like to offer some info. on them ;)


  • You can run 300 blocks [ on flat terrain] until you start to pant and slow down.
  • After 400 blocks, you are fully exhausted and move at 1/2 your normal speed.
  • After 40 jumps in succession will get you exhausted to the point where you cannot jump anymore.
  • 10 seconds of rest = Full Stamina
  • You can function 2 days without sleep.
  • After 2 days, you will collapse and lose consciousness.
  • Food does not restore health, it restores slowly over time.
  • You can function about 1 day without food.
  • You will slowly lose health after 2 days without food.
  • Jumping, Fighting, running etc. increases the need for food.
  • Once you are full, you cannot over eat.
  • If you are not well fed, health will not restore.

I hope that this helps you on your next SC adventure!! It really helps to know how far you are able to run, jump, etc. before you need to rest, how much food you need to pack around, and when you need to sleep.

I have found that the concept I struggle with most is Sleep. I just want to keep playing and playing for hours and hours!! I always forget to rest from time to time :P

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