Thursday, January 1, 2015


Hello all! Happy New Year!!

Hope everyone had a great 2014 year. It sure was a big year for SC.

Here are all of the SC features added in 2014:

  1. Changed UI drawing engine. Now uses procedural bevels/indentations instead of baked textures.
  2. Changing some audio to use MP3 format
  3. Added crossbow
  4. Added iron bolts, diamond bolts
  5. Added explosive bolts
  6. Added fire arrows
  7. Added sound delay based on distance
  8. Completely new explosions engine, faster, more realistic
  9. Explosions create flying and flaming debris
  10. Last used creative inventory page is saved between world loads
  11. Serious physics bug to do with velocity limiting fixed
  12. Pickables and projectiles optimizations
  13. Tall grass is now a pickable item
  14. Added crafting recipe to obtain seeds from tall grass item
  15. Added throwable bombs
  16. Added smoke trails
  17. Added stone fences
  18. Added rendering support for custom skins
  19. Changed UI to allow user select and manage custom skins
  20. Added support for skins to community content server
  21. Custom skins and block textures are now associated with each world separately, not a global setting
  22. Added content management screen
  23. Explosive pickables and projectiles explode when in contact with fire, magma or explosion
  24. Fixed https issues on Android 2.2
  25. Removed some audio files to reduce loading times
  26. Reenabled preloading of certain audio files on Android
  27. When inventory slot is in split mode (red border), dropping items from it will drop them one by one, not all at once
  28. Tweaked birds UI to escape more frequently and further away
  29. Added clothing, with multiple clothing items per slot
  30. Added armor
  31. Dyeing of clothes
  32. Added cold and heat effects on the body
  33. Added wetness due to rain or immersion
  34. Accurate temperature calculation engine, based on player surroundings
  35. Made dangerous and exotic animals avoid player during the day
  36. Added 256 blocks visibility range (16 chunks)
  37. Added pumpkin seeds and pumpkin farming
  38. Added cotton and cotton wads
  39. Added canvas
  40. Added Cassowaries (with deadly kick)
  41. Added Barracudas
  42. Added Beluga whales
  43. Added whale breathing
  44. Made animals prey on each other
  45. Made docile animals occasionally retaliate when attacked
  46. New crafting table model
  47. New diamond model
  48. Sky color changes depending on temperature
  49. Bigger and more detailed trees
  50. Fixed progress dialogs glitches
  51. Fixed occasional text layout glitches
  52. Speeded up UI when waiting for network operations
  53. Added FPS and memory counter
  54. Made fonts hi-resolution
  55. Added busy dialog when scanning worlds in singleplayer screen
  56. Fixed glitches in in-hand item drawing
  57. Added more blocks statistics to Recipaedia
  58. Weakened explosions propagating too far in long shafts
  59. Fixed invisible animals on some Windows 8 Phones
  60. iOS 8.1 compatibility changes
  61. Added coordinates display to game menu in creative mode
  62. Fixed excessive throwables hitting power
  63. Nicer thermometer model and reacts to true temperature
  64. Fixed pickables not perishing in fire
  65. New Vital Stats screen
  66. Added more help articles
  67. Fixed tall grass rendering glitch

These were from updates 1.25 [May 18] and 1.26 [December 10]

I can't wait to see what great things will come for SC in 2015!!!
Any predictions??

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