Monday, December 29, 2014

Survival Craft vs. Minecraft: Terrain Edition

One of the key factors [besides lack of challenge] that drove me away from MC was the lack of interesting features in the terrain.

Just look at these pictures. I'll be comparing Ocean, Wasteland, Jungle, Forest, Desert, Snowy, and Mountains.


The oceans are similar, but SC's ocean is deeper, where as MC's ocean is rather shallow. [Not to mention SC's sunset is a lot more pleasing and realistic.] 


MC's wasteland is just a bunch of dirt... SC's is dry grass, the occasional tree, grass traps, and graves.


MC's Jungle is a lot of tall trees and vines. SC's Jungle is trees, ivy, lots of pumpkins, cotton and other plants, lakes, hills, etc.


MC's forest isn't very interesting... Just trees and sheep. SC's forest, however, has hills, valleys, springs and pools, and lots of lush vegetation such as cotton and pumpkins.


As for the desert, they're pretty much the same terrain wise. Flat, occasional hills, and cacti.


The snowy biomes are similar in both, but SC's are more icy, mountainous, etc.


MC's mountains are not constructed very well. They appear to be thrown together whereas SC's mountains look more neat and realistic.

So what do you think? SC or MC's terrain? 

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