Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Survival Craft 1.26 update is here!!

The 1.26 update was  available on Google Play this morning!!

Personally, I think this is the most exciting update yet!

New Features:
  • Added clothing, with multiple clothing items per slot
  • Added armor
  • Dyeing of clothes
  • Added cold and heat effects on the body
  • Added wetness due to rain or immersion
  • Accurate temperature calculation engine, based on player surroundings
  • Made dangerous and exotic animals avoid player during the day
  • Added 256 blocks visibility range (16 chunks)
  • Added pumpkin seeds and pumpkin farming
  • Added cotton and cotton wads
  • Added canvas
  • Added Cassowaries (with deadly kick)
  • Added Barracudas
  • Added Beluga whales
  • Added whale breathing
  • Made animals prey on each other
  • Made docile animals occasionally retaliate when attacked
  • New crafting table model
  • New diamond model
  • Sky color changes depending on temperature
  • Bigger and more detailed trees
  • Fixed progress dialogs glitches
  • Fixed occasional text layout glitches
  • Speeded up UI when waiting for network operations
  • Added FPS and memory counter
  • Made fonts hi-resolution
  • Added busy dialog when scanning worlds in singleplayer screen
  • Fixed glitches in in-hand item drawing
  • Added more blocks statistics to Recipaedia
  • Weakened explosions propagating too far in long shafts
  • Fixed invisible animals on some Windows 8 Phones
  • iOS 8.1 compatibility changes
  • Added coordinates display to game menu in creative mode
  • Fixed excessive throwables hitting power
  • Nicer thermometer model and reacts to true temperature
  • Fixed pickables not perishing in fire
  • New Vital Stats screen
  • Added more help articles
  • Fixed tall grass rendering glitch
I can't believe that we not only have clothing, but dyeing ability too! Take a look:


Wetness and Body Heat are now visible in your stats too. You get wet from rain or getting in water, and you must dry yourself out or you can freeze in cold climates. You must also wear lighter clothing in deserts and heavier clothing in cold areas.

The cassowary, barracuda, and beluga whale were all added as well. The cassowary is a massive bird with a deadly kick. The barracuda is a nocturnal vicious fish that will swim long distances to find you. And for those of you who have been following my blog, you have seen the new beluga whale and whale behavior.

But here are the cassowaries and barracudas:


Leather is now acquired from wolves, and from bears, you get a new item: Fur. It can be made into clothing/armor.
The thing I'm most excited about is Pumpkin Farming. I've been waiting for soooo long, hoping it would come! There are multiple stages in the Pumpkins growth, and it seems to be fairly realistic. As you can see in the picture below, they even appear to be growing in a vine-like structure:


What does everyone think about 1.26?
I'll be posting again soon on the new animal aggression feature. I'll be sure to add some pictures too :)

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