Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Animal Aggresssion

As promised, I am back to talk about animal aggression, and I have pictures :)

Animal aggression is one of my favorite things concerning the 1.26 update. It allows for more challenge in the game. Instead of only having to search for food, you must protect your livestock, search for food, and then compete with carnivores for the food.

Take a look at what I found while taking a stroll through the forest just minutes after updating to 1.26:

While walking through the forest, I heard a Tiger roar. I turned around to fight it, but to my surprise, 3 Boars were attacking the Tiger!

I did not expect to see such a display so soon! It was magnificent. Kaalus really out-did himself with this update.

Whale Pictures!! I have some Beluga Whale and Orca pictures depicting the new 1.26 Whale Behavior.
And a surprise picture :)

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