Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Birthday Celebration Post!!

Hello all! It's December 23. My Birthday!!

Today I have my favorite SC moments to share with you:

Ostrich with it's head in the Sand

Ostriches are BIG!

Finding new animals to saddle is always fun!

Crazy trust exercise with my pet bear, Muffin.
This was really cool...until I died...

My new Donkey, Mr. Donkey

Mr. Donkey and I ran from a Bear

Socks and I encounter a Black Bear

Oh no! Not again!

Me on Goldenrod

Me and an Orca! They're HUGE!

Oh snap! Lion in the Face!
4 Whales!! [Found by Quintillus54]

3 Amigos!!

Up next [after my Christmas post]: Cassowary Pictures!! 1.26 is Great!!

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  1. These are great. Thanks for including my whale and ostrich pictures. Those were pretty great. I wonder what we'll find next...