Monday, December 8, 2014

More 1.26 Release Features!!

Update 1.26 is going to be HUGE!!

Kaalus has posted more within the last few days concerning the 1.26 release. Among these features are: Clothes, Cotton, and Visibility.


As for the Visibility, the max seeing distance is now 256 blocks. What a major improvement! See for yourself:


We have all been waiting for clothing and armor, and it is almost here! Kaalus has yet to inform us on the exact release date, he has given us a picture depicting  the different types of clothing:


The cool thing about the clothing/armor is that you can layer them. Boxers on the bottom, then clothes, and finally armor on the top! When you start a new game, you will be wearing the tattered clothes. But after each re-spawn, only boxers. This is probably going to be my new favorite aspect of the game :)

Kaalus also stated in previous posts that the amount of clothing/armor you wear will affect your health. Ex: you must have layers in the cold.

New Plant!!

There is a new plant in Survival Craft! After first seeing the post, I immediately thought cotton. Kaalus says in his post:
"There’s a new plant coming, with 3-stage growth setup. Almost finished working on it. It is to do with clothes. I’m sure, as usual, you can guess what it is:"

In his later post the next day, he formally announced that this mystery plant is in fact cotton.

No Ads/New Crafting Table

Lucky for us, Kaalus hates ads. He has paid to remove ads from his blog for a year and the forum for 3 months. 

New Crafting Table Model is here! Kaalus has made some other minor tweaks to the blocks, but provided a picture of the new crafting table:

Crafting Table
I really like it. It looks a lot more like a table.

Survival Craft is really starting to define itself. It's no longer a "Minecraft Knockoff".

1.26 is gonna be a BIG update! I'll be sure to keep you posted on new features and the release date!! 

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