Monday, January 19, 2015

Using the 7-Segment Display

Hello again! Today, I want to go over using the 7-Segment display. Stanimus made this page on the Wiki, and he did a great job. You can see it HERE.

For this post, however, I will only be reviewing crafting and hexadecimal characters. Enjoy!

Crafting requires 3 Glass blocks, 3 Copper Ingots, and 2 Diamonds. It yields 2 displays. 

Blue 7
Picture by Stanimus
But how do you display numbers?? This was a problem for me after the 1.23 update. But after some experimenting, I came up with these values:

0V = 0
0.1V = 1
0.2V = 2
0.3V = 3
0.4V = 4
0.5V = 5
0.6V = 6
0.7V = 7
0.8V = 8
0.9V = 9
1.0V = A
1.1V = B
1.2V = C
1.3V = D
1.4V = E
1.5V = F

So when the display receives an input of 1.0V or higher, a letter [A-F] will be displayed. But when the input is less than 1.0V, a number [0-9] will be displayed. 

Next time, Wolves vs. Coyotes

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