Saturday, May 2, 2015

Challenging Gamemode: Some Tips to get You Started (Part 3)

 ...Continued from Part 2


As you farm your cotton, make canvas from the cotton wads and put them aside in a chest for later. You also need to hunt animals that drop fur and leather and set them aside too.

Once you have enough canvas stored, you need to make clothing . (See each individual clothing page on SC Wiki for crafting recipes). After crafting clothing , you are ready to do more intense exploring! You can now go out as far as you like (be sure to pack lightly. Only what you need! This means an extra set of clothing, food, and weapons.) You can always find your way home with your compass.

I do not suggest sleeping while exploring unless you make shacks with spare food and a spare compass in a chest. If you die, you will go back to your last sleeping spot, and your compass will be gone. And then you won't be able to go back home until you have mined at your new location and gathered enough resources to make another compass. You can be out for a max of 2 days and nights before passing out. As you go further info your adventure, you will be able to acquire enough resources to make more compasses to leave in shacks along the way, and you will begin to become more familiar with the terrain. All we need is just a little patience ;)

After going through these steps, you should have a pretty good hold on things and be able to maintain things around your home pretty well. Just keep expanding and building up ;)

All of this info +more can be found on the SC Wiki at this link:


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