Monday, April 20, 2015

Challenging Gamemode: Some Tips to get You Started (Part 1)

 I'm not seeing many people play Challenging Mode in SC simply because it can be hard for beginning players. But these tips may help you out a bit!

Starting Your Adventure

As you start your gameplay, collect everything you can. Do you see any cotton, pumpkins, or eggs? If so, gather them - quickly. They will offer a source of clothing and food that will be vital later.

Finding a place to reside can be challenging. You need to stay in a desert your first few nights so you don't freeze to death. Just make sure you are near a forest so gathering wood isn't too risky. 
You will  need to start to gather leaves or dirt to make a small shelter to begin with. This will keep you safe from predators for your first few nights while you gather supplies to make a better shelter later. Grab a few wood blocks too. This way you can make a crafting table and some wooden tools and weapons to get you started. It will make the next few days of gathering supplies a lot easier!

During the next few days, gather wood to craft planks. They can be used to make tools, weapons, and the beginnings of a better shelter. You can also start to gather cobblestone if you wish to make a better home that will not catch fire during a storm. 

Make sure you are not straying too far from your home - as you may get lost. You also need to continue to gather food. 

Larger Home at Last!

For your larger home, find the flattest spot you can and lay your foundation. Just place your planks/cobblestone on the grass in a rectangular shape the size  you want your future home to be. This will give you an idea of how many blocks you need to gather to continue. 

As you start to build your house higher and higher, make sure to leave room for windows. You can use leaves for a makeshift window until you have a furnace and glass. A door will also need to be crafted as you build your new home.

After finishing your home and crafting a furnace, you will need to make chests to place in your new home and move your crafting table to your new one. You can label your chests with signs so you know exactly is in each one. I, for example, have some labeled "Food", "Saltpeter", "Raw Meat", "Cooked Meat", etc. 

By now, you should also have some stone tools and weapons and a more adequate food supply. Start mining at this point as well. 

Next Time - Part 2: Obtaining Horses and Farming 
Note: All of this info +more can be found on the SC Wiki at this link:

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