Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Marsh Biomes

Hello again! I'm back today, as promised ;)

For the SC Wiki Biomes page, I have done a bit of research. Stanimus and I are deciding on "official" names for the page, and we have come across what we have loosely decided to be a marsh. 

What we mean by "marsh" is:
  • Flat Land
  • Lush Grass
  • Vegetation (excluding trees)
  • Piranhas are plentiful in shallow water
  • Water is scattered, breaking up the land into smaller chunks
It seems that the marsh we have come across is fairly uncommon. In fact, I have only come across 1 large enough for me to even consider it of any use to me. It is right over the small sandstone mountain that surrounds the west side of my ranch (given the sun sets in the west in the SC world). It's a GREAT place for me to just walk around and not worry about predators on the land, as land animals aren't common in our marsh.

Stanimus has done a ton of work for this page, and here is what he has come up with:

"Taiga / Tundra - arctic biomes
Forest / Praire / Wasteland - temperate biomes
Jungle / Savanna - tropical biomes
Deepwater / Inland - water biomes
Desert, Beach - special biomes (I think beaches are actually a generated structure by the game.)
Well, that seems sufficient and not too burdensome. 11, including 2 for water..."
Kaalus doesn't officially define ALL biomes, so we have had to improvise ;) We will hopefully have the page complete soon, and I will leave a link as well as some pictures of each biome in a future post.


  1. Hey there! Just discovered your site here and now I feel so guilty lol! I've been working on consolidating all the Survivalcraft sites into one, in which you only need one account for all of them. There are many perks to doing this, but I feel bad using information from the wiki you and others worked so hard on. And I'd hate for you to put so much work into a site that was replaced...

    Perhaps you could work with me as being an admin on the new wiki? Bringing old info to the new one and redirecting it? I need lots of help.

    I totally understand if you hate me or do not wish to do this, lol! I feel like such a jerk now :-(

    But if you'd like to contact me please email me at kria[at]gosurvivalcraft[dot]com

    Thanks :-)

    1. Hello! I am not signed in right now, but it's Chartreuse ;)

      We have a great site for SC info at this link: survivalcraftgame.wikia.com. Here is a link to my message wall: http://survivalcraftgame.wikia.com/wiki/Message_Wall:ChartreuseNarwhal

      If you do join our site, let me know. If you would like to work with us there, I'd be more than happy to work with you!! I'm actually an admin on that site, and we are a bit short handed. We could certainly use more users willing to help out!!

      And please, don't feel like a jerk!! I'm fine with you using any of the info on my blog, but I would appreciate it if you would supply a link to my site somewhere on yours :) I'd love to have a larger audience!

      I will be happy to contact you later (I don't have internet service at my house right now) and maybe we could work something out??

      Talk to you later,