Saturday, May 16, 2015

Animal Tips

Leaving Your Animals

A common mistake players tend to make is to leave their captive animals (such as horses, cows, etc.) alone for a long time. When going on a long journey, you may not think about how your animals may be doing back at home. You need to visit your animals weekly, as they will die without your acknowledgement of their existence. As long as you visit them, they will not die because of neglect. If you have a cow use a whistle to guide it. If you have a horse ride it. You can also choose to feed them grass, rye etc. removed from the ground and thrown to them.

Jumping Fences

When you acquire a donkey, horse, or camel, a tip to keep them enclosed in their fence is to put a double fence up for them to stay in. Donkeys, horses and camels can jump single fences, and because of their walk around behavior, they will wander off, jumping the fence if necessary. So you may go to bed with your animals in a fence, but when you wake up, they may be wandering around! Double fences can eliminate this trouble for good. Note that if you have a tiger they can jump double fences. So for a tiger you will want to put triple fences.

(Picture added by Stanimus on SC Wiki)

Donkey can jump single fences














Using Your Whistle

Although the whistle is a helpful tool in Survivalcraft, you need to remember that your horses, donkeys, and camels will only come to you if you are within a 30 block range. So it is not a good idea to allow your saddled animals to wander about, thinking you can summon them with a whistle. It is a good idea to keep your animals in a double fence, and keep the whistle just for emergencies, etc. if you fall off of your horse, and it continues to run, you can summon it again. Using the whistle will also make cows and bulls run away.

More animal tips on SC Wiki Tips page:

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