Saturday, May 23, 2015

Hunting Birds

Hunting Birds (Flying)

When hunting birds, it is best to hunt them from afar, as they will fly away if you get too close. I use a bow and arrows, the arrows will kill the birds in 1 shot.

You  can try and approach them with a machete if you would like. I just like to hunt from afar because it seems to work better.

Hunting Birds (Non-Flying)

When hunting birds that do not fly, Ostriches and Cassowaries, I like to attack them head on with a diamond edge machete. This way, I can continue to hit them as I walk backwards, and then chase them when they run away.

It works really well for me, but you can also hunt them from afar with arrows like a flying bird. The only problem with that is that they can run away faster than you may be able to load arrows.

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