Monday, December 21, 2015

Survivalcraft 1.28 - Part 1

Hello all! So sorry to have been away for so long again! There hadn't been much activity from Kaalus, and I'm still having issues with my internet connection. But since 1.28 has sooooo much, I'm gonna do this in a few parts. So stand by, and enjoy!!

1st off, we now have cracks instead of progress circles. I kinda liked the progress circle, but we'll see how this goes ;) Here's the picture Kaalus provided:


It looks pretty realistic, which I'm happy about. But what I'm most excited for is the new firearm: the musket!! It looks more like a rifle, but I like the look.


I'm just glad it will be easier to hunt on horseback now!! I have always liked to hunt on horseback, but it is a pain to retrieve arrows from all directions!! Anyway... I'll have a post next week providing the crafting recipe and some additional info. on our new addition :)

The only thing I'm worried about is scaring my animals... I'm assuming it won't scare the steed I'm riding while firing, but I certainly don't wanna scare my cows, ostriches, or other steeds!! I guess this will be for hunting farther off ;)

Kaalus provided us a great picture of the musket and player on horseback:


I'm super excited! I have been waiting for a firearm!!

That's all for this post. Survivalcraft 1.28 - Part 2 is up next

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