Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Here we go! My favorite addition to SC 1.28 - the musket. I've got some general info and crafting recipes today ;)

The Recipaedia description for the musket is "A musket can be used to fire musket balls or buckshot". Musket balls are for hunting large animals, and buckshot is for birds. But keep in mind that the musket balls can't bring down large animals with one shot every time.

To load the musket, open the edit screen using the paper icon on the right of your screen. Then, in the following sequence, drag gunpowder*, a cotton wad, and a musket ball or buckshot into the musket. Firing is nearly the same as a crossbow or bow. Tap and hold the screen until you see the crosshairs, wait for the click-sound, and then aim and release your finger to fire.

*Crafting recipe for gunpowder can be found on SC wiki, link at bottom of page.

Crafting is quite expensive. You will need: 2 planks, 2 iron blocks, and 1 iron rod. Place them into the crafting table as shown:

Screenshot 2015-12-14-22-29-21(1)

Recipe yields 1 musket.

As for the musket ball, they are fairly easy to craft. One iron rod yields 4 musket balls:

Screenshot 2015-12-14-22-29-33(1)

Buckshot is a bit more expensive, needing 4 musket balls to produce 4 buckshots. It is a spread shot, made up of 8 smaller pieces:

Screenshot 2015-12-14-22-29-36(1)

The musket does seem to be a sufficient investment. Looks like I'm gonna hafta go mining for some more iron, and possibly expand my cotton farm!!

Hope you all enjoyed this post, it's the last one for 2015!! Can't wait to see what 2016 brings for SC. There are some helpful links below ;)


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