Wednesday, January 20, 2016

New Items for 1.29!!!

Hello all! So sorry to have been away for so long. We've gotten some snow, and the library has been closed.

I'm excited for the 1.29 update, and I'm here to share some of the new items with you!

First off, we've got copper tools and armor! Here's the pic kaalus posted to his blog:


This is a big step forward. Personally, I've been awaiting copper tools for a while :P Copper tools aren't as strong as iron, but they do have a nice color, wouldn't you agree?? He also says that copper is easy to find in 1.29, and iron is deeper and more difficult to find. I'm up for the challenge!!

One of my favorite new items for 1.29 is logs. Take a look:


We are now able to build realistic-looking cabin-type houses. I think that will come in handy, especially for those who reside in or near forests. It's a nice look ;)

And lastly, the brick fence:

Brick Fence.png

I'm pretty excited about this. It will definitely make my donkey fence look a little more classy ;) Basalt fence will also be added.

Much more to come! Hope you like these updates. And remember, the link to kaalus's blog is on the right of your screen under "Links"

Happy surviving ;)

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