Friday, November 14, 2014

A Thanks To All, Ostriches, And More!

First and foremost, I would like to mention that I have reached over 1,000 views! This is a big delight, and I hope that everyone will continue to follow my blog. Thanks so much to everyone :)


Anyway, Something that's been on my mind for a while is hunting birds. Whenever I hunt ravens, seagulls, or ducks, I shoot them with my bow while they are flying. I collect eggs whenever I find them, but I never try and keep the flying birds for the purpose of eggs. The reason: it takes too much work to trap the flying birds in an enclosure.

All birds will run from the whistle sound. But because the ravens, seagulls, and ducks fly away, it is a lot harder to trap them. Ostriches, however, can be easily herded into a fence. And in my opinion, they are the most useful birds. A cooked ostrich egg will completely restore your hunger bar. They are the most nutritious food available in the game thus far. Not to mention that when you kill an ostrich, you receive 3-6 feathers! Perfect for crafting arrows. Other birds will only yield one feather.

I always keep a herd of ostriches. When they lay eggs, I keep some to eat, and throw some to obtain more ostriches. [**NOTE: You may not always get an ostrich every time you throw an egg. There is a 1/3 chance of getting an ostrich.] And when you get too many ostriches, [or can spare a few] you can kill them for feathers. 

HERDING TIP:  It is hard to get animals through a fence gate. Just put some dirt or sand around your fence so you can easily herd the animals in, but they cannot get out. Ostriches are among the most useful animals to keep as live stock.

And remember, everyone, we are still having a Themed Survival Craft Building Contest on the Wiki. To view contest entries and/or enter your own builds, go to the link below:

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