Friday, November 7, 2014

1.26 Update Features UPDATED

For those of you who have been following my blog, you may have already read my 1.26 Update Features [As of Sept. 21] post. If not and you would like to, just click the link :)

Anyway, today Kaalus posted an update entitled "Animals Aggression". Sound familiar? Many have been requesting this feature!
Kaalus says:
"I made some modifications to the AI behavior responsible for attack target selection. As a result, animals will now attach each other! This has been requested multiple times, and I always wanted to add it. Now it’s here, just need to wait a bit more for 1.26.
The predators become more aggressive at night and will come from further away to get a kill on something tasty. They generally don’t attack each other, but anything with hoofs or feathers is a fair game. What it means for survival is that you will now have to protect your herds and steeds.
I also added a small chance of non-predatory animals retaliating when attacked. In 1.26 even a lone cow can ruin your new jerkin :-)"
So this means that not only will you have to protect yourself, but you will be competing with other animals for food, and have to protect your own animals! So I definitely suggest enclosing cattle, horses, etc. In fences at least 3 blocks high, that way no predators [especially tigers-they can jump 2 blocks high] can get inside and eat your herds.

This is going to be especially challenging on new and full moons when the werewolves spawn! You will have to guard fences heavily.

I am very excited for this new feature. It takes the game and survival mechanics to a whole new level. Anyone else excited?

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