Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Infinite Water Source

In Survival Craft, it is convenient to be near a lake, ocean, etc. But sometimes it just doesn't happen. And in order to farm to your full potential, you will need water for your rye. But wouldn't you like to do all of your farming with minimal buckets? To do this, you need an infinite water source. And you can, of course, do this in many different ways:

Method 1 is super simple. All you need to do is dig three blocks from the ground [all in a row] and fill with water. Then, anytime you need water, just take from the middle block. The other two blocks will then refill the middle one, making this easy, compact [you can put it almost anywhere], and super convenient.

Method 2 is for those who don't necessarily need such a compact design. To make this one, just dig a 2 by 2 hole 1 block deep. You can take water from any of the corners, and the other corners will refill the one you took water from. You can also decorate you water source to look like a well, just as Hazelbloom123! did on the Survival Craft wiki. [You can find the link to the Wiki on the right hand margin of your screen under "Links" along with Kaalus's blog.] She uploaded the following picture:

Hazel made her water source look like a well. This is very easy to do, and it makes your builds look more neat and professional :)

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