Sunday, November 2, 2014

Best Survivalcraft Builds: Houses

People build some amazing builds in Survivalcraft. Today will be focusing on houses.

This house very much impressed me when I found it. I love the fact that it is built upon a series of hills and trees. That is a very creative place to build. Another thing that impressed me is the architecture itself.There are tower like columns on the far right side, which really give the home a regal appearance. The white medium also contrasts with the lush green scenery.

This house is much different from the one before. It is a more modest home, built on the edge of the arctic biome and mountains. It seems to be perfectly placed upon a hill, and has a warm welcoming appearance. Incorporating the cobblestone into the wood and planks really makes this house impressive. And I love the roof as well.

This last house is just impressive all around. The columns and arches give it a regal and important appearance. And since it is built out of marble, it looks expensive and official. The windows give it a lovely touch. It is very clear that someone worked very hard on this, and I only wish we could see the inside.

These pictures do not belong to me, as I did not build any of this.

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  1. It didn't post my comments. I'll try again, The pictures are great. They suit may different tastes. Dust the Cat is so cute. Reminds me of Ann's two cats. They were black with white bibs and feet. They were also a little wild when they were kittens.