Monday, November 10, 2014

Most Useful Plant In Survival Craft?

There are currently 10 plants in Survival Craft: Spruce Tree [from spruce sapling], Oak Tree [from oak sapling], Birch Tree [from birch sapling], Pumpkin, Rye, Tall Grass, Ivy, Purple, Red, and White Flowers. But which one would you consider the most useful?

Spruce Tree:

  • Wood
  • Leaves to craft Christmas Tree
Oak Tree:
  • Wood
  • Leaves to craft Grass Traps
  • Only tree that yields Ivy
Birch Tree:
  • Wood
  • Food
  • Feeds stubborn steeds
  • Vital to Bread recipe
Tall Grass:
  • Feeds stubborn steeds
  • Used to craft String-vital to making a bow
  • Feeds stubborn steeds
Flowers [Purple, Red, White]
  • Decor
  • Feeds stubborn steeds

Considering you can use grass traps to trap and kill animals, and use wood to build a shelter, I would consider the Oak Tree to be the most useful. The oak tree is also the only tree yielding ivy. 

Taking the second spot is the pumpkin. Not only can you feed yourself with it, but it can be fed to stubborn steeds and angry bears. 

Ivy is quite useful, which is why I consider it third most useful. It feeds stubborn steeds, it is super easy to grow-making it a plentiful renewable resource, and it is used to make string. And if you plan to use a bow [it is the only weapon I hunt with], then you must have string. 

Fourth, the Spruce Tree. You can craft a Christmas Tree from its leaves, and use its wood to build a shelter. Although the Christmas Tree is only decor, it still gives your home a nice touch :)

Rye claims the fifth spot, because it is the only plant used to make bread-the most nutritious food in Survival Craft. It is hard to maintain, though, as its soil must be fertilized with Saltpeter, and you must be extremely careful not to step on the tilled soil. 

Tied for sixth place are the Red, Purple, White Flowers, and Tall Grass. The only real use-besides decor-is feeding stubborn steeds. 

And what I consider to be the most useless plant is the Birch Tree. It is my favorite tree because of its speckled black and white bark, but there just isn't much you can do with it! All it's good for is wood for a shelter. And in a world of infinite terrain, wood isn't scarce. 

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